Premier League prediction for dis weekend matches


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Di Premier League go return dis weekend afta di international break.

All eye go dey on di two derby match dem for London and Manchester.

Di two fixtures get a lot of history and big rivalry.

Na Arsenal go open di Premier show dis weekend wen dem host Tottenham

Di Premier League leaders go play di game for Emirates Stadium.

BBC football expert Chris Sutton go predict di outcomes of di fixtures for dis weekend.

Sutton along wit Sports Team drummer Al Greenwood, wey be Manchester United fan go share im prediction too..

Checkout dia prediction.

Arsenal vs Tottenham (12:30 West African time) Saturday


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Arsenal start di season so well, dem don win six out of seven league games.

Dia only defeat come for Manchester United, and dem no deserve to lose dia.

Meanwhile Tottenham dey only one point behind dem.

You fit make case for either team here, but my mind dey go wit Arsenal – and for dis game I dey plenty goals.

Sutton prediction: 3-2

Al prediction: Arsenal go dey hope to repeat dia women performance against Spurs last weekend – and di result as well.

I dey back Mikel Arteta side to win too, because although Tottenham also dey well, dia performances no always dey matched dia results. 2-1

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Bournemouth fans dey para for me because  I dey write them off every week, and now dem dey unbeaten in dia past three games.

Meanwhile Brentford bin dey disappointing against Arsenal for dia last game, but I feel say dem go respond here.

Sutton prediction: 0-1

Al’s prediction: Dis one dey very difficult to call, I chang my mind a few times – but I feel say Bournemouth go get something. 1-1

Crystal Palace vs Chelsea

Premier League

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I no really know wetin to expect from Chelsea hia, and whether anything go click at all or change dramatically for Graham Potter first league game in charge.

Crystal Palace go make tins difficult for them but I feel say we go see improvement from di Blues, and e fit dey enough for victory.

Sutton prediction: 1-2

Al prediction: Palace dey hard to break down, but dem no really offer enough threat for di oda end.

E look like say Graham Potter don make a big difference for Chelsea already and with di boost e don give di players, I go back here. 1-3

Fulham vs Newcastle

Premier League

BBC Sport

Newcastle no really dey good form, na only once dem don win dis season.

So, I dey go for a draw here. Being honest, Fulham don surprise me wit di way dem start dis season so well.

Dem clearly believe in di way dey play.

Sutton prediction: 1-1

Al prediction: Aleksandar Mitrovic dey fine form dis season and I feel say im go score a couple more goals against im old team. 2-1

Liverpool vs Brighton

Premier League

BBC Sport

Brighton bin get good record here under Potter, wit one draw and one win for dia past two visits.

But dis na di first time wey go see dem under dia new boss Roberto De Zerbi.

Sutton prediction: 3-1

Al prediction: Liverpool form get as e be so far, but we no really know what to expect from Brighton under De Zerbi.

E go dey interesting how dem go be. 1-1

Southampton vs Everton

Premier League

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I no really know wetin to tok about of Southampton.

Sometimes dem dey play wit blood and thunder under Ralph Hasenhuttl, but oda dem no dey to attack very much at all.

Everton don improve but, just like Newcastle dem be draw specialists for Premier League dis season, and I  dey see dem share di points.

Sutton prediction: 1-1

Al prediction: I can see why dis two teams dey di bottom half of di table – dem dey so inconsistent. 1-0

West Ham vs Wolves (17:30 West Africa Time)

Premier League

BBC Sport

Diego Costa fit make im Wolves debut here, but I feel say we need to dey realistic about what to expect from him.

Dis no be di Costa we see for Chelsea, for di peak of im powers. Now at 33 e neva play a competitive game dis year.

West Ham too dey struggle, but I feel say dem deserve more points than wetin dem get.

Sutton prediction: 1-0

Al prediction: Both teams don only score three times apiece for dia first seven league games, so we no go see many goals for dis one! 0-1

Man City vs Man Utd (14:00 West African Time) Sunday

Premier League

BBC Sport

For all di positive about Manchester United progress under Erik ten Hag, dem dey play Manchester City – wey be di best team for di kontri and by far di best team for Manchester.

United fit cause dem problems for counter, but dem go dey really gingered for dis game.

Sutton prediction: 4-1

Al prediction: We don beat City for Etihad Stadium a few times in the past couple of years, wey suggest say we get chance this time – but going there dey make my heart beat.

So I dey go for a highly optimistic victory. 1-2

Leeds v Aston Villa (16:30 BST)

Premier League

BBC Sport

Leeds boss Jesse Marsch no go dey bench aft aim chop red card against Brentford last month.

Him side go still play wit di same great intensity though, and Elland Road always seems to lift them.

Villa big win ova Southampton last time, but their results on for road so far dey been poor, wi three defeats out of three, and I don’t see that changing here.

Sutton prediction: 2-1

Al prediction: Dis fit be a really good game. Leeds always turn up whether good or bad, there is always something happening.

Villa will sit back more, but if Leeds score early e fit really be open game. 3-2


Leicester v Nottingham Forest (20:00 West African Time ) Monday

Premier League

BBC Sport

Dis na di bottom two teams and really anything fit happen here. E dey hard to suppport either side to win it, because we know dis flaws.

Sutton prediction: 2-1

Al prediction: We know say Leicester na good team but they have been really poor so far. Sometimes it takes a derby game like this to kickstart your season.