Reports of gunfire come in from Burkina Faso capital – Wetin we know

Street for Burkina Faso


Heavy gunfire don dey reported for Burkina Faso capital, Ouagadougou, and di state TV, La Radiodiffusion Télévision du Burkina don come back on-air afta BBC Monitoring bin confam say dem go off.

Di Reuters news agency report say di gunfire dey come from di main army camp and some residential areas for di capital.

Dis dey come afta di Burkinabe army suffer serious casualties ova di last few weeks.

Multiple tweets indicate say heavy army presence dey and some roads don dey blocked.

Sojas dey along di main avenue wey lead to di presidency, and some areas near buildings around di national radio don dey restricted.

Di current junta bin overthrow elected goment for January, and e cite failure to stop Islamist attacks.

But Lt Col Damiba administration no still dey able to quench di jihadist violence. On Monday, dem kill 11 sojas wey dey escort one convoy wey follow civilian vehicles for di north of di kontri.

Dis na di second large-scale deadly attack dis month.

Many reports from local media and regional experts say dis fit be coup attempt.

Military coup bin happun for Burkina Faso for January dis year, as Colonel Paul-Henri Sandaogo Damiba seize power.

Some days ago, Lt Col Damiba address di 77th session of UNGA wia im describe di January military coup as “issue of survival” for di West African nation.

On Thursday, hundreds of demonstrators enta streets for di western Burkina Faso city of Bobo Dioulasso to demand im resignation.

Di protesters blame Damiba for di chaotic management of di security situation according to reports.

One local outlet report say gunfire sound for oda military barracks wey dey for towns across Burkina Faso.

Di news site, Actualite Burkina Faso, neva name di towns.

Di situation for Burkina Faso dey confusing and e dey unclear who dey behind di deployment of sojas for di capital, Ouagadougou, and around di presidential palace.

On Monday, dem discover bodies of 11 sojas and 50 civilians for di northern town of Djibo afta one ambush.

Afta Lt Col Damiba, take power for di January coup, im promise to end Islamist insurgency wey start for 2015, but violence still dey go on.

Several sojas dey take position along di main avenue wey lead to di presidency. Sojas dey block access to administrative buildings and di national television, wey don stop to dey broadcast, Reuters reporters tok.

One tok-tok pesin for di military goment no dey reachable.

Large areas for di north and east don become wia dem no fit govern since 2018. Millions don run komot from dia homes as dem fear further raids by gunmen wey dey frequently descend on rural communities on motorbikes.

Thousands of pipo don die for attacks.

The West African kontri, one of the world poorest, don become epicentre of di violence wey happun for neighbouring Mali for 2012 but wey don spread across di arid expanse of di Sahel region south of di Sahara Desert.

Police no get idea of wetin dey go on

One journalist for Burkina Faso capital report say di military don block one key road near di office of di kontri prime minister and dem dey turn pipo away from accessing goment buildings.

Most of di sojas dey wear ski masks, im tok.

E add say say police tok say dem no get idea of wetin dey go on.

“Many pipo still dey go about dia daily business,” e add.