Afta Captain Ibrahim Traore overthrow Burkina Faso military leader wetin go happun next?


Na on Friday news come in say one captain for army for Burkina Faso don announce for national television say im don overthrow di military leader Lt Col Paul-Henri Damiba.

Ibrahim Traore say na sake of say Col Damiba no fit deal wit di Islamist insurgency.

E add say dem dismiss Lieutenant Colonel Damiba from power so “we go fit pursue our common ideal wit di Burkinabe pipo, and dis na to: restore security and di integrity of our territory. “

Im also announce say borders don dey closed indefinitely and all political activities don dey suspended.

Lt Col Damiba junta overthrow one elected goment for January, and im reason be say dem no fit end Islamist attacks.

But im administration neva stop di jihadist violence. On Monday, gunmen kill 11 sojas wen dem dey escort convoy of civilian vehicles for di north of di kontri.

Earlier on Friday, Lt Col Damiba urge di population to remain calm afta dem hear heavy gunfire for di capital.

Dis na di second military takeover for di West Africankontri in eight months. Lt Col Damiba remove di democratically elected President Roch Kabore for January wit promises to end di Islamist insurgency.

Full speech of Captain Traore afta im overthrow Damiba

Pipo of Burkina Faso, dear fellow kontri men and women,

On January 24, 2022, in di face of di continuous degradation of di security situation, we officers and sojas of di national army decide to take our responsibilities, we dey encouraged wit di ideal to restore security and integrity to our territory.

Combattant pipo of Burkina Faso, dis noble cause wey motivate our action still dey burn inside many of us today September 30th 2022. Unfortunately, Lt Colonel Paul-Henri Sandaogo Damiba wey all of us bin trust betray our initial ideal.

In fact, im push di degradation of di security situation wey justify our action to focus on unfortunate political adventures.

Instead of make im free territories wey dey occupied, new areas fall under di control of terrorist groups. Our brave pipo don suffer too much and dem still dey suffer.

People of Burkina Faso, in di face of di continuous degradation of di security situation, we try many times to refocus transition of di security situation.

As we dey conscious of our responsibility, we don elaborate one program for di reorganization of di army wey suppose don allow to operationalise fighting units wey dey capable of launching counter-offensives.

Colonel Damiba, wey reject di proposition, im continue wit di military articulation wey cause di failure of di regime of President Roch Marc Christian Kabore.

Brave people of Burkina Faso, di actions of Lieutenant Colonel Damiba convince us say im ambition no be di same wit our common ambition.

We bin observe a restoration by force of old order by acts wey jeopardise di independence of di justice system and create serious precedents.

Dangerous choices of Lieutenant Colonel Damiba progressively weaken our security system. Heavy administrative processes wey dey di previous regime bin serious more during transition, and e affect strategic operations.

Sake of all of dis, we decide today on September 30th 2022 to dismiss Lieutenant Colonel Damiba from power so we go fit pursue our common ideal wit di Burkinabe pipo, and dis na to: restore security and di integrity of our territory.

Dear fellow kontri men and women, as we dey conscious of our historic responsibility, MPSR hereby call all security forces to focus on di security situation and re-establish di integrity of our territory.

To take power at dis moment mean di strong will of MPSR to include all social classes of Burkina Faso, witout any distinction for di transition process, for our common struggle.

MPSR reassure di international community say Burkina Faso go continue to respect dia international commitments, wey be human rights.

We invite di brave pipo of Burkina Faso to continue wit dia activities in peace.

Wetin don happun since

Earlier on Friday, Lt Col Damiba ask di population to remain calm afta heavy gunfire sound for parts of di capital.

One tok-tok pesin for di goment wey dem sack, Lionel Bilgo, bin tell AFP news agency on Friday say di “crisis” na sake of army pay palava, and say Lt Col Damiba dey take part for di negotiations.

But since Friday evening di whereabouts of Lt Col Damiba dey unknown.

France na traditionally dia padi-padi, but French diplomatic sources don tell RFI radio say Lt Col Damiba nor dey with dem and no dey under dia protection.

Di African Union meanwhile don demand di return of constitutional order by July 2023 at di latest, and in di same statement, im commission chair Moussa Faki Mahamat ask di military to “immediately and totally stop any act of violence or threats to di civilian population, civil liberties, human rights”.

Di Economic Community of West African States (Ecowas) earlier condemn di move too, say e “reaffirm im unreserved opposition to any taking or maintaining of di power by unconstitutional means”.

Di United States say e dey “deeply concerned” by events for Burkina Faso and encourage im citizens to limit movements for di kontri.

France issue a similar warning to im more dan 4,000 citizens wey dey live for di capital city Ouagadougou.”We call for a return to calm and restraint by all actors,” one US State Department tok-tok pesin tok.

Wetin fit happun next

Di coup go draw condemnation from across di world.

Afta di coup wey happun earlier for January, 2022, di African Union bin suspend Burkina Faso from all im activities in response, Dem say e go dey effective until constitutional order dey restored.

West Africa main regional bloc di Economic Community of West African States, Ecowas bin also suspend Burkina Faso from im governing bodies over di military coup but dem no impose any sanctions.

World leaders from America, France and odas bin also condemn di coup.

United Nations chief Antonio Guterres tok for statement say e “strongly condemn any attempted takeover of goment by di force of arms.

“Coup leaders must lay down dia arms” E bin tok as part of statement e post for Twitter.

Wetin di new regime tok?

Di movement patriotic pour la sauvegarde et la restauration, MPSR, say dem meet for September 30th inside Ouagadougou and decide say Lt Colonel Paul Herny Damiba dey dismissed from im function of MPSR president.

Dem say dem name Captain Traore Ibrahim as di president of MPSR.

Di MPSR come inform di national and international community say na wetin don happun so far be dis:

  • Di constitution don dey suspended
  • Di transition chart don dey dissolved
  • Di goment don dey dissolved
  • Di transition legislative assembly don dey dissolved
  • Terrestrial and aerial borders don dey closed starting September 30th for midnight until further notice.
  • Curfew don dey enforced from 9 pm to 5 am
  • All political activities don dey suspended
  • All activities of civil society organisations don dey suspended
  • Representatives of different strata of di nation go dey summoned soon to adopt new transition chart and nominate new president of Burkina Faso, civil or military