Update on Ukraine invasion: Ten days of Russia war see wetin don happun so far

Di Russian invasion of Ukraine don enta di 10th day on Saturday 5th March, 2022.

Latest update be say Russia say dem go now dey allow civilians to leave Mariupol and Volnovakha from 07:00 GMT on Saturday.

Plenty pipo don run komot from Ukraine as di war dey continue between di kontri and dia neighbour wey invade dem.

BBC Pidgin bring you recap of di major developments since di invasion begin:

An Ukrainian soldier keeps position sitting on a ZU-23-2 anti-aircraft gun at a frontline, northeast of Kyiv on March 3, 2022.

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  • Di number of civilian casualties still dey unclear but di UN refugee agency tok say more dan one million pipo don run komot from Ukraine since February 24 and millions more dey on di move.
  • Di first major Ukrainian city wey fall na Kherson. Di city dey where the Dnieper river meets the Black Sea.
  • Russian missiles bin don dey target di capital Kyiv and di second-largest city Kharkiv. One massive armoured convoy approaching Kyiv by road dey currently stalled.
  • Di southern port of Mariupol still dey under siege and Russian troops dey head towards anoda port, Odesa – to capture both go cut off Ukraine maritime access.
  • Russian troops don also seize di Zaporizhzhia nuclear plant on Friday after dem shell am for hours. Di Zaporizhzhia nuclear plant na di largest for Europe. Di move bin alarm world leaders who tok say di attack fit cause kasala.
  • Di Chernobyl plant, di site of di 1986 nuclear accident, also dey under Russian control.
  • Ukraine President Volodymr Zelensky don condemn di West for dia refusal to enforce no-fly zone over im kontri. Im tok say “all di pipo wey go die go die because of you”.
  • Di US and EU don impose sanctions on Russia. Dem freeze Russian assets and target di kontri central bank and President Vladimir Putin and im inner circle. Di rouble don go down sake of di restrictions wey also hit trade, investments and travel.
  • Independent media wey include di BBC don suspend dia work in Russia after di kontri approve one draconian law wey go censor reporting of di war for Ukraine.
  • Companies like Samsung, Airbnb and Cartier don suspend exports to / or operations for Russia.

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Dis na di summary of di latest developments:

  • Cities around Ukraine dey under heavy pressure from Russian shelling, and dem dey hit civilian targets. Cities for di south of di kontri, wey get access to the Black Sea bin dey face particular pressure, though Russia continue to dey press from di north and east of di kontri as well.
  • Ukraine President Volodymr Zelensky don condemn di West for dia refusal to enforce a no-fly zone over. “All di pipo wey go die go die because of you,” im tok.
  • Western companies wey dey Russia don dey stop work and some of dem na Microsoft, Samsung, LVMH.
  • Meanwhile, independent media firms, wey include di BBC, don suspend work for di kontri after Moscow approve one draconian law censoring reporting of di war for Ukraine.
  • Di mayor of Mariupol for southeast Ukraine don appealed for a humanitarian corridor to im city sake of wetin im call “blockade” by Russian forces.

Ukraine-Russia war: summary of wetin don inside Russia invasion of Ukraine first week.

Ukraine Update on Russia and Ukraine war: Latest news on Russia and Ukraine war


24 February – Day 1 of Russia and Ukraine war

  • Russia launch a large-scale military invasion of Ukraine.

President of Russia Vladimir Putin announce for televised speech say;

“Whoever try to interfere with us or threatened our kontri gatz know say Russia response go be immediate.

“And e go lead to such consequences wey never dey experienced in history.

  • Missile and artillery attacks happun wey strike major cities including Kyiv.

Residents japa run comot alias flee, while odas take shelter inside underground space alias subways.

Update on Russia and Ukraine war: Latest news on Russia and Ukraine war

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One woman wey injure as a result of a Russian airstrike in Kharkiv, in eastern Ukraine.
  • Russian forces and military trucks cross into Ukraine.

President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky goment say dem dey are already hand out weapons.

And go give dem out to evrione wey want am and get di strength to defend Ukraine sovereignty.

Di future of Ukraine depend on every citizen. President Zelensky add.

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25 February – Day 2 of Russia and Ukraine war

Buildings suffer hit, as Russian troops move closer to di Ukrainian capital.

Ukrainian bring down one enemy aircraft wey bin dey fly over Kyiv.

Thousands of Ukrainians cross into Poland and neighbouring kontris.

Update on Russia and Ukraine war: Russia invasion of Ukraine first seven days summary

Tens of Thousands of Ukrainians don rush go di borders Dis dey happun as Russian troops kontinu to march enta di kontri capital Kiev on Saturday.

26 February – Day 3 of Russia and Ukraine war

Russia pound Ukrainian cities with artillery and cruise missiles.

Ukrainian government impose martial law.

Ukrainian Army distributes guns and explosives to civilians to strengthen dia resistance.

UK and Western friends announce new punishment alias sanctions on Russia.

27 February – Day 4 of Russia and Ukraine war

Russian forces enter Kharkiv wey be Ukraine second-largest city.

Thousands of pipo around di world stage anti-war protests… including parts of Russia – wia demonstrators chop arrest.

President Putin put Russia nuclear forces on high alert.

Russia and Ukraine war 2022: Latest updates and fotos from Ukraine-Russia war


28 February – Day 5 of Russia and Ukraine war

Peace tok-tok between Russia and Ukraine begin for di Belarusian border.

Di number of refugees from Ukraine begin near half a million, according to UN.

Russia ban flights from airlines in 36 kontris… including UK, Germany, Spain, Italy, and Canada.

Satellite images show a 40-mile-long Russian convoy… pushing towards Kyiv.

Ukraine-Russia war: Ukraine, Libya, Iraq - See timeline of five major invasions [Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky on front line]

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1 March – Day 6 of Russia and Ukraine war

Ukraine say over 5,000 Russian don dey killed.

Russia later claim say di figure dey nearer to 500.

Central Square in Kharkiv dey hit by a strike killing at least 10 civilians.

Russian forces hit the main television tower in Kyiv.

Update on Ukraine invasion: Ten days of Russia war see wetin don happun so far

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2 March – Day 7 of Russia and Ukraine war

Russia increase dia attacks on key Ukrainian cities for di seventh day.

Major companies including Apple, Google, Ford and Exxon Mobile take steps against Russia over di invasion.

Di UN General Assembly vote in favour of one resolution wey condemn Russia invasion and ask make Russia immediately pull all dia forces comot from Ukraine.

Five kontries vote against condemning Russia invasion for di emergency UN General Assembly for New York.

Di UNHCR dey beg for nearly $2bn (£1.5bn) for relief operation as refugees hit one million.

Russia and Ukraine war 2022 latest: Elon Musk SpaceX satellite tanda Ukraine as Russian invasion cut internet

Russia invasion cut internet for Ukraine

Ukraine-Russia War: Which nations support Moscow, Who support Kiev for di crisis?

Ukraine-Russia war 2022 see further explosions inside Kyiv and oda cities.

Troops provocations dey happun as invasion enta day six on Tuesday 1 March.

More Russian weapons dey drive go near di Ukraine capital Kyiv, na wetin Satellite pictures show.

Tori be say Russian armour convoy long reach fourty miles.

Interior ministry say dozens of civilians die on Monday 28 February, sake of di Russian missile strikes for Ukraine second city, Kharkiv.

So di support for Ukraine and Russia dey divided in di face of war?

Di governments of di world no take long to position demsefs for or against di Russian invasion of Ukraine.

World leaders clearly take position afta Vladimir Putin launch a large-scale military operation wey include sending troops by land, sea and air.

Kasala start on Thursday morning, after di Russian president recognize Monday independence of Donetsk and Lugansk regions.

Dis two regions both dey inside Ukrainian territory but dem dey controlled by pro-Russian forces.

Some kontris bin reject di military invasion before e even begin.

Dat na wen di United States warn say Russia dey mobilize troops near di Ukrainian border.

Dem also call for a diplomatic solution to di conflict, wit di most powerful kontris announcing punishment alias sanctions.

Most of di punishment na economic – on companies and di Russian political big ogas alias elite.

Odas condemn di events, but term di invasion as a result of di expansion of di North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) inside di European continent.

Meanwhile, one small group don press hand for alias endorse Putin strategy.

But, at di moment, di war na only between Russia and Ukraine.

Ukrainian president, Volodymyr Zelensky, launch claim to im friends, for dia decision not to send troops to di territory under fire.

“We dey defend Ukraine alone,” he tok inside one video released on Friday, visibly dissatisfied with di international community reaction.

Di conflict continue, as well as di repercussions on di lives of millions of pipo inside Ukraine, Russia and around di world.

Some 100,000 pipo don japa comot dia domot, and hundreds of victims and di economy dey take a hit.

Ukraine-Russia war: Who support Ukraine?

NATO, wey include 30 kontris, among which be world powers such as di United States, Canada, France and di United Kingdom, don show dia support for Ukraine.

Part of Putin justification for starting di war na di Ukrainian government interest in joining di Atlantic organization [NATO].

NATO dey serve as a military alliance for common defense.

Leaders of di nations wey make up di coalition, such as US President Joe Biden , na di first to condemn Russia.

West African Regional bloc ECOWAS don condemn Russia invasion of Ukraine. Di provocation don result in human deaths alias casualties, especially civilians. Economic Community of West African State inside one statement beg both parties to ceasefire.

Di regional both also ask Ukraine and Russia to use tok-tok alias dialogue to resolve di ongoing war.

Ecowas nations na Benin, Burkina Faso, Cabo Verde, Côte D’ivoire, The Gambia, Ghana, Guinea, Guinea Bissau, Liberia, Mali, Niger, Nigeria, Senegal, Sierra Leone and Togo.

ECOWAS don also call on di two kontris to ensure di safety of citizens of dia 15 member states living in Ukraine.

On Friday, Ghana become di first Ecowas kontri to declare open support for Ukraine.

“Na unprovoked and unwarranted attack,” Biden tok as di military action begin Thursday.

Di US leader vow say im kontri [US] and dia friends go “hold hold Russia to account.”

Di position of America dey in line with the rest of di members of di G7 , made up of Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan and di United Kingdom.

And all di G7 member nations dey also show support for di Ukrainian pipo.

“Dis crisis be a serious threat to di rules-based international order, with consequences far beyond Europe.”

Na so di G7 leaders tok inside one joint statement. 

Di group say dem go introduce tough, coordinated economic and financial sanctions against Moscow.

Similarly, oda countries wey no be not members of NATO, but get close relations to di organization, positioned demsef against Russia.

Among dis ones Israel, Australia and Taiwan.

Di European Union [EU], wey comprise of 27 kontris, is also align wit Ukraine.

Di bloc join di punishment against Russia, wey e call “massive.”

Who dey support Vladimir Putin Russia

Vladimir Putin Russia Ukraine war 2022: Vladimir Putin go push di nuclear button?

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President Vladimir Putin and Russian defence minister Sergei Shoigu during one Victory Day parade

Di Collective Security Treaty Organization (CSTO), one group dem create afta di fall of di Soviet Union, na Russia largest military supporter.

E include Armenia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan.

On Thursday, Ukraine claim say di Belarusian forces dey join hand for Russian attack.

But di kontri president, Alexander Lukashenko don deny am .

Western kontris also point am out say Belarus dey serve as a “platform” for di military operation.

Belarus dey share border wit Ukraine and Lukashenko na historical padi-padi of di Kremlin.

“Rogues! Our troops no get any participation for dis operation.”

Di Belarus president tok for one meeting wit di military, as BELTA agency official quote am.

Di US also announce sanctions against Belarusian officials.

For Latin America, Russia find support for Cuba, Nicaragua, and Venezuela, kontris wey dem dey share economic ties.

Venezuela show concern about how di crisis dey worse more and more.

But dem lament di “breaking of di Minsk agreements by NATO wey United States of America dey promote.”

Im also reject “di application of illegal sanctions and economic attacks against di Russian pipo.”

Cuba harshly criticize di US say dem dey “impose a progressive expansion” of NATO for European territory.

And also call for diplomatic solution to preserve international peace.

For im part, Nicaraguan President Daniel Ortega on Monday become one of di first world leaders to endorse Russia stance on Ukraine.

Ortega say President Putin dey right to recognize di two regions wey pro-Russian separatists dey control as independent.

Ukraine Russia War – China and Iran restraint

Ukraine-Russia War: Which nations support Moscow and which kontri support Kiev

Getty Images
Di presidents of Russia and China meet inside Beijing during di Winter Olympics

China maintain position wey no really dey clear for di situation in Ukraine.

Beijing also avoid to call di military operation wey Putin launch as “invasion”.

Di Asian kont tok am say dem believe in respecting di territorial integrity of all kontris.

But say China believe di Ukraine issue get im own complex and special historical background.

“We understand Russia legitimate concerns on security issues.”

Foreign Ministry spokesman Wang Wenbin tell reporters for one daily briefing for Beijing on Friday.

On di oda hand, Iran say dem no support di war for Ukraine.

Although im no openly denounce Russia military operation.

But instead blame di West for NATO presence for di region.

Iran Foreign Minister Hossein Amirabdollahian tok am for im first reaction on Thursday afta Ukraine invasion say di crisis dey “rooted in NATO provocations.”

Why is Russia attacking Ukraine: Why Ukraine be so important for Vladimir Putin Russia

Getty Images

Cause of Russia and Ukraine war – Wetin Putin want?

For months now, Russia President Vladimir Putin bin dey deny plan to attack Ukraine.

But on Thursday 24 February, 2022 e announce a “special military operation” for di kontri Donbas region.

Di announcement on live television bin dey followed by reports of explosions for Ukraine capital Kyiv as well as oda parts of di kontri.

Mr Putin latest actions dey come days afta e bone peace deal and order troops inside two eastern regions wey rebels dey hold, for im own words to “maintain peace”.

Russia don deploy at least 200,000 troops near Ukraine borders in recent months, and fears dey say di latest move mark di first step of a new invasion.

Russia for a long time don stand against Ukraine move towards European institutions, both Nato and di EU.

Now, Mr Putin dey claim say Ukraine na toy of di West and no ever be proper state anyway.

E dey demand guarantees from di West and Ukraine say dem no go join Nato, one defensive alliance of 30 konties, and say Ukraine go demilitarise and become a neutral state.

As a former Soviet republic Ukraine get deep social and cultural ties with Russia, and dem dey speak well-well dia, but ever since Russia invade for 2014 those relations don get K-Leg.

Russia attacke Ukraine wen dem comot di pro-Russian president for early 2014. Di war for di east don claim more dan 14,000 lives since den.

Wen Russia invade Ukraine for 2014, rebels wey get President Putin support seize big areas of di east and dem don dey dig am out wit Ukraine army ever since.

One international Minsk peace accord happun but di gbege still continue and so Russia leader say e dey send in troops to di two areas wey di rebels dey hold.

UN Secretary-General don reject Russia use of di word peacekeepers.

Di West believe say Moscow dey plan new invasion of Ukraine, a kontri of 44 million pipo wit border wit both Russia and di European Union.

President Putin don warn say Ukraine go dey responsible for further bloodshed if dem no stop di attack on di east.