New Year Day 2022: Nyesom Wike ban prostitution, nightclubs, vow to flush black soot in PH

Rivers State Governor don order shut down of all illegal oil bunkering sites wey dey cause black soot pollution for Port Harcourt city.

Nyesom Wike for im new year broadcast direct di Mayor of Port Harcourt to go after all illegal oil refining sites along Creek Road and all adjoining areas for di city and shut dem down with immediate effect.

Flush out bunkering sites – Wike

Wike also direct all local goment chairmen to work with community leaders to locate and identify all those wey dey into illegal oil bunkering and crude oil refining for dia locality and report to im office for further action.

Di govnor say di state goment no get any option than to take dis necessary measures to tackle dis challenge because federal security agencies no gree stop di activities of illegal crude oil refining activities security.

Im say dem bin don draw di attention of Federal Goment to intervene and stop activities of illegal oil bunkering wey dem identify as di main sources of di soot pandemic but di Federal Goment still remain silent on top di matter.

“We dey as concerned as di public about di black soot environmental disaster wey don continue to envelop Port Harcourt residents for quite some time.

“As a State Goment, we don draw attention of di Federal Goment to dis problem and request for dia intervention to stop activities of illegal oil bunkering and artisans crude oil refiners wey we don identify as di main sources of di soot palava.”

Unfortunately, di Federal Goment don remain silent to dis request and even dey complicit to a large extent as security agencies dey actively assist, encourage and protect di artisans refiners to continue with dia harmful activities without stop.” Nyesom Wike tok.

Wike ban nightclubs in Port Harcourt

Di state Chief Executive for di new year message also ban all nightclub activities including nighttime trading and street prostitution especially along Abacha road and surrounding streets particularly for di Casablanca area.

E say dis “go stop di harmful effects of dis depraved activities on di moral development of di children and society at large.”

E no dey clear how di ban go last.

Impound parked vehicles afta two days

Di Rivers State Govnor direct di local goment chairmen of Port Harcourt, Ikwerre, Obio Akpor, Eleme and Oyigbo to impound or remove any trailer, truck or vehicle wey dey parked on di streets beyond 48hours, within three weeks from new year day.

Di move na to stop indiscriminate and prolonged parking of trailers and oda vehicles along di streets,

Ban cart pushers wey dem identify as those wey dey steal manhole covers for scrap metal, also dey for di new year message.

Wetin go happun to violators of di Govnor order?

Di Govnor direct security agents to arrest and prosecute any pesin wey attempt to violate dis ban, come add say dem go set up a taskforce to ensure di ban.

Nyesom Wike also ask to di Courts to impose serious punishment under di law for any pesin wey dey convicted as manhole vandal without option of fine to secure public safety.

Oda directives for Nyesom Wike New Year Day message

Wike also place ban on indiscriminate posting of advert materials including posters, flyers, pictures or artwork on flyovers, bridges, concrete walls and safety barricades along di road.

E establish environmental marshal to enforce am come add say dem go arrest and prosecute any pesin wey go paste di posters and di pesin and/or institutions wey get di advert.

Di Govnor of di oil rich state also put ban on disposal of refuse for streets and open spaces for both old and New GRA for Port Harcourt and Obio Akpor LGA.

Wike say goment go revoke certificate of occupancy for pipo wey no get approved refuse disposal bins in front of dia houses for both old and new Goment Residential Areas [GRA] or if dem catch any pesin from those houses wey dey troway dorti for street or open spaces.

E add say dem dey review di refuse disposal policies for di State to make am more effective so make pipo bear with dem.

Street trading ban in Port Harcourt

Wike don also ban street trading within and around Birabi Street, Hotel Presidential, GRA Junction up to Tombia Street, Rumuola Junction, surroundings and under the flyover, Rumuogba Junction, surrounding and under di flyover, Okoronodu Junction surrounding and under di flyover.

Demolition of shanties for PHC

Wike add say dem go continue demolition of shanties for some identified crime hot-spots for Port Harcourt Township and Iloabuchi area of Diobu from di second week of January 2022 to make di State safer.

Di Governor say dem no go spare pipo wey dey contribute to flooding for Port Harcourt and Obio Akpor by blocking natural water and drainage channels with illegal land filling, reclamation of wetlands and construction.

Im say State Goment go collect and restore all landfill, reclaimed wetlands and demolish all structures dem build on natural water channels starting from Eastern bypass area up to Abana and Eleme streets for Old GRA.

Only those with genuine potential permits and allocation papers dem go pay compensation.

Goment to take over plots for GRA

Di Govnor say di goment go take over vacant plots of land and incomplete buildings for Old and New GRA for parts of Port Harcourt and Obio Akpor as criminals don dey use dem.

And dem go reallocate am to pipo wey go develop and put into effective use. Wike add.

E also say di State Goment go also revoke di certificate of occupancy [CofO] of several undeveloped plots of lands for Old GRA as dem breach di covenants wey dey attached to dem and reallocate dem to interested members of di public for immediate development.

Govnor Nyesom Wike also advice pipo to comply with covid protocols and go take dia vaccines to check di increasing cases of covid for di State come wish dem a prosperous new year.