Why court send Comoros ex-president to life in prison

Ahmed Abdallah Sambi

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Ahmed Abdallah Sambi na president of Comoros from 2006 to 2011

One court for Comoros don sama life sentence to di kontri former President, Ahmed Abdallah Sambi.

Dem sentence Sambi wey be 64 years old, for high treason.

Dis na afta court convict am of selling passports to stateless pipo wey dey live for di Gulf and accuse am of embezzling millions of dollars.

Citing one unfair trial, oga Sambi, refuse to attend di hearings for di State Security Court wey dem no go fit appeal dia rulings.

Ahmed Abdallah Sambi wey be arch rival of di Comoros President, Azali Assoumani – don already spend four years for prison before e face trial.

E push through one law for 2008 allowing di selling of passports for di east African island nation for high fees.

Im lawyer say di authorities no get any vidence of missing money.

Profile of Ahmed Abdallah Sambi

  • Dem born Ahmed Abdallah Sambi 5 June 1958, according to Encyclopedia Britannica.
  • E be Comorian politician, businessman, and Islamic scholar wey serve as president of Comoros from 2006–2011.
  • Oga Sambi entering to office mark di first peaceful transfer of power between Comorian leaders since di island declare dia independence for 1975.
  • Ahmed Abdallah Sambi study Islamic theology and political theory for Iran and become Sunni cleric.
  • Dem elect am to di Comorian legislative assembly for 1996.
  • Later e leave politics to pursue business career and e come become di owner of several factories wey dey produce mattresses, bottled water, and perfume.
  • For May 2006, Sambi contest for Comoros presidential election with promise to end gonment corruption and create jobs.
  • Sambi win 58 percent of di votes

Oda African leaders wey don get prison sentence

Ahmed Abdallah Sambi no be di only leader for Africa wey court don sentence to prison.

Here na some oda former Africa leaders wey don experience di similar thing;

Former South Africa president Jacob Zuma

Jacob Zuma

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For June 2021, South Africa highest court sentence di kontri former President, Jacob Zuma to 15 months in jail.

Di court give am five days to hand imsef to police and if e fail to do so, di police minister must order im arrest.

Di sentence na afta di Constitutional Court find Zuma guilty of contempt for not obeying dia order to appear for one inquiry into corruption wen e be president.

Later on, for 5 September, dem release Zuma sake of undisclosed medical condition.

But for December 2021, court come again rule say make Zuma return back to prison.

Di court say Zuma medical parole dey “unlawful” and make dem no count di time wey e don spent out of prison join im 15-month sentence.

For 21 November, 2022 one full bench of judges of di South Africa’s Supreme Court of Appeal bin uphold di ruling wey declare say Zuma medical parole dey unlawful.

Former Sudan president Omar al-Bashir

 Omar al-Bashir

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Former president of Sudan Omar al-Bashir, sitdown for one cage during im sentencing

On December 2019, court for Sudan sentence di kontri former president, Omar al-Bashir to two years inside one social reform facility for corruption.

Di judge tell di court say under Sudanese law, pipo over di age of 70 no go fit serve jail terms and Bashir na 75 years old as at dat time.

Oga Bashir also face charges wey dey related to di 1989 coup wey bring am to power, genocide, and di killing of protesters before dem chase am out from office in April.

Di corruption case against Bashir dey linked to one $25 million cash payment wey im receive from Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman.

Bashir claim say dem make di payments as part of Sudan strategic relationship with Saudi Arabia, and dem no use am for private interests but as donations.

Two fomer Algerian Prime Minister Ahmed Ouyahia and Abdelmalek Sellal

 Ahmed Ouyahia (L) and Abdelmalek Sellal (R)

Former Algerian Prime Ministers Ahmed Ouyahia (L) and Abdelmalek Sellal (R)

For December 2019, Court for Algeria sentence two of di kontri former prime ministers to long jail terms during one huge corruption investigation.

Di court sentence Ahmed Ouyahia to 15 years in prison and Abdelmalek Sellal to 12 years.

Dia accuse na say dem abuse authority for one car manufacturing embezzlement scandal.

Na di It first time since Algeria independence from France for 1962 wey ex-prime ministers dey face trial.

Ouyahia and Sellal dey among 19 defendants wey court torchlight on charges of money laundering, abuse of office, and granting undue privileges inside di vehicle assembly industry.

Egypt former president Mohammed Morsi

For May 2015, one Egyptian court pronounce death sentences on di kontri president Mohammed Morsi and more than 100 oda pipo over one mass prison break for 2011.

Already, Morsi bin dey serve 20-year prison term for ordering di arrest and torture of protesters wen e bin dey power.

Morsi supporters from im Muslim Brotherhood movement wey authorities don ban, describe di charges against am as “farcical”.

Na for July 2013 military bin pursue Morsi from power afta mass street protests against im rule.

Den afta authorities come ban di Muslim Brotherhood and arrest thousands of im supporters.

Egypt former President Hosni Mubarak

Hosni Mubarak

Hosni Mubarak inside court for Cairo (21 May 2014)

For May 2014, one court for Egypt sentence former President Hosni Mubarak to three years in prison afta finding am guilty of embezzling public funds.

Dem also convict and sentence im two sons, Alaa and Gamal to four-year in prison.

Di court also fine di three of dem $3m and order dem to repay di $17.6m wey dey accuse dem of stealing.

Mubarak also go on trial for abuse of power and conspiring for di killing of protesters during di 2011 uprising wey force am to resign.

Court come find am guilty of di charge relating to di protesters for 2012 along with former Interior Minister Habib al-Adly, and sentence to life in prison.

But for January 2013 di Court of Cassation uphold one appeal by di two men against dia convictions on technical grounds and order retrial.

For August, one court dome order di release of Mubarak’ from prison and transfer am to one military hospital for Cairo, where dem put am under house arrest.