Who be Aminu Mohammed student wey allegedly land DSS net on top Aisha Buhari tweet

Aminu Adamu and Aisha Buhari

Aminu Adamu bin allegedly post tweet wey belittle di First Lady Aisha Buhari

Classmates of Aminu Adamu di student wey Nigeria security pipo allegedly gbab sake of one one post wey im tweet about about di wife of Nigeria president Mrs Aisha Buhari tok to BBC News Pidgin about am.

Tori of Aminu disappearance begin circulate over di weekend after im colleagues for school say dem no see am and im parents also begin dey wonder wetin happun to dia boy.

Na later father of di boy receive one very short call from im pikin, say e dey Abuja wia security gbab am for something e post on Twitter about Mrs Buhari.

Kabiru Korial na classmate of ‘Alameen’ as dem dey call Aminu. E say dem don dey together since dia 1st year to dia final year for school now under environmental management department.

“Alameen na one of our best students for class, e currently dey on 2:1 and na one of di students wey fit proudly tok say since wey dem start school, e neva get even single carry over.”

“One thing about am be say e like to joke and tease pipo alot but na very nice guy wey no get problem wit anybody.”

Anoda student wey sabi Aminu wella na Prince Ahmed Amoeva wey echo wetin Kabiru tok and add even for class di student dey always relate well with everybody and dem dey pray for im release to enable am participate for dia final exams wey dey start next week.

Who be Aminu Adamu Mohammed?

Aminu Adamu

Aminu Adamu bin allegedly post tweet wey belittle di First Lady Aisha Buhari

Di student wey don become centre of attention across Nigeria since im disappearance na pesin wey dem born for 1999 for Azare town inside Bauchi state for northeast Nigeria.

Di 23 year old like many within im age bracket love to express himself for social media and dis na something wey some believe land am for trouble.

Im nickname across Azare town na ‘Shalele’ wey mean di ‘favoured one’ and im family na well known pipo for di town.

E attend Harbert intentional primary Sch. Tudun Salmanu Bauchi state and Fariya Foundation Comprehensive Secondary School Fadamar Mada Bauchi

Aminu dey final year for di Federal University Dutse for Jigawa state and dey study Environmental Management.

Wetin Aminu Adamu tweet?

Local tori say na for June 8, 2022, Muhammed bin tweet say one foto of di first lady, Aisha Buhari and caption am wit one post wey e write for Hausa language; “Su mama anchi kudin talkawa ankoshi”, wey mean say “di mother don grow fat sake of say she dey chop masses money” 

However BBC, no fit independently verify dis tweet.

Aminu tweet

Aminu tweet

How pipo take react

Aminu Adamu and Aisha Buhari

Aminu bin allegedly post tweet wey belittle di First Lady Aisha Buhari

Parents of Aminu Adamu Mohammed don beg di first lady to release dia son.

Di Amnesty International for statement call for immediate release of Aminu. E say e dey illegal to dey continue to hold am and deny am access to lawyers and im pipo.

Northern Nigeria human rights advocate call for im release

Di Northern Nigeria Human Rights Advocates group condemn Aminu arrest as dem claim say e dey illegal for security pipo to bypass di law to arrest Aminu wen e suppose dey school.

For statement wey secretary of di group Abba Hikima release on Monday, dem call on Nigeria security pipo to release Aminu to enable am continue im studies.

Many oda groups plus individuals don express dislike over wetin happun since di tori begin fly up and down for di kontri.

Oda times wey social media land young pipo for trouble

Mubarak Muhammad and Nazifi Muhammad

Tiktokers wey chop accuse sake of video
  • Kano state Govnor Abdullahi Ganduje video:

One magistrate court earlier dis month find two Tiktokers guilty say dem defame Kano state govnor Abdullahi Ganduje.

On Monday, 7 November Magistrate Aminu Gabari sentence Mubarak Muhammad and Nazifi Muhammad wey chop arrest last week over one video wey concern govnor Abdullahi Ganduje video to N10,000 fine, 20 strokes of cane and 30 days of court sweeping.

Di Tiktokers chop arrest over video dem do on top di app, Tik Tok wia dem accuse Kano state govnor Abdullahi Ganduje of corruption.

  • Man wey wan sell himself:

Last year, 26 year-old Aliyu Idris bin trend on social media sake of say e wan sell himself for twenty million naira chop arrest.

Hisbah wey be Islamic police for Kano state for northern Nigeria na im arrest am and confam di tori to BBC News Pidgin at di time.

Commander Sheik Harun Ibn Sina di head of Hisbah Board add say for Islam e dey forbidden for pesin to put up himself for any reason.

  • Senator Bulkachuwa and social media user

For one voice note, di senator wey dey represent Bauchi north for National Assembly appear very angry after one young man post something about am for social media.

Di tori wey trend earlier dis year across northern Nigeria na wen di young man from im constituency bin wan di senator to helep am get job.

Two of dem exchange hot words as di senator tell am say no be im work to helep di young man get job wey lead to dia exchanges wey go viral for social media.