Dr Stella Immanuel doctor: Trevor Noah, Madonna react to Houston Texas doctor hydroxycholoroquine video demon sperm, masturbation claim

Dr Stella Immanuel hydroxycholoroquine viral video still dey cause serious gbas gbos since Tuesday 28 July, 2020 as Trevor Noah, Madonna don chook mouth for di mata.

Na one video wey show one African doctor, Dr Stella Immanuel for Houston Texas go viral, wia she bin claim say she use hydroxychloroquine, zinc, and antibacterial drug, Zithromax to treat Covid-19 patient for America dey cause di gbasgbos.

Facebook, Periscope and oda social media sites bin don already pull down di viral video afta pipo don view am 14 million times, but evidence neva dey say di drug wey she mention fit fight coronavirus, and regulators warn say e fit cause heart problems.

However Dr Immanuel as she dey tok add her own personal belief to di matter wey make many pipo including popular TV host and comedian, Trevor Noah and Popular American musician, Madonna to dey react to di diabolic toks of di doctor for di video.

Wetin Trevor and Madonna tok

Trevor Noah wey don react to di video for im program “The Daily Show host ” on Tuesday night say ”obviously, make ordinary Americans take dis pandemic more seriously”. “But in dia defense, e dey hard to do wen dis na di guy wey dey set di tone from di top.” Trevor tok.

For di show, e turn im back to Trump, con add, “Yes, even as e get world top doctors, Trump still don decide to trust one doctor wey believe say pipo dey fall sick because dey masturbate and dat na from alien DNA vaccines dey comot.”


But Noah draw ear give viewers make dem no join racist assumptions for di doctor background. “And by di way, whatever you do, please make you no start to dey run around tok say African doctors dey mad,” he tok. “Dis doctor, wey come from Africa. You no fit use her judge all African doctors, as you no want di world to judge America’ presidents based on one guy, abi you want?” Im tok.

But for popular American Musician, Madonna, her fans don come for her as she dey support di doctor.

Madonna, wey dey outspoken since the COVID-19 pandemic start, find herself for some gbege on Tuesday night after she share one post her instagram as she dey praise Dr. Stella Immanuel.

“Di Truth go set all of us Free! But some pipo no wan hear di truth,” Madonna write. “Especially di pipo in power wey wan make money from dis long search for one vaccine wey dem don prove and dey available for months. Dem prefer to allow fear control dem and allow di rich pipo get richer and di poor and sick get sicker. Dis woman na my hero Thank you, Stella Immanuel.” Madonna tok.

Already instagram don flag Madonna Instagram post, den remove am for sharing ‘False Information’

Trevor Noah and Madonna

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‘Demon Sperm and Alien DNA’

For di video wey still dey draw a lot of attention and plenty plenty questions, Dr Immanuel bin hold some kain spiritual beliefs wey many dey doubt.

She tok about di idea say dem dey use “alien DNA” to treat patients.

Anoda tin she tok be say “Sex na one spiritual transaction. She say when you dey do abi na you dey have sex alone by yourself, demons go come and join you.” Dr Immanuel tok.

For her YouTube sermon post in 2013, Dr Immanuel say, “When you dey do am di right way in marriage, God dey watch over am.”

On Monday, US President Donald Trump dey defend di video wey dey promote di false claims about coronavirus, including where she tok about how masks no fit prevent di spread.