NDLEA burn cocaine dem gbab inside N193b stash dem seize for agency ‘biggest’ drug burst

Cocaine stash ontop tyre


Nigeria drug police NDLEA don destroy hard drugs worth billions of Naira for di Badagry axis of Lagos state southwest of di kontri.

Di cocaine follow for large consignment of hard drugs dem seize for one warehouse for di Ikorodu axis of di Nigeria commercial capital.

NDLEA say dis na di biggest singular cocaine seizure for di history of di agency.

Di total seizure na about 1.8 tons of hard drug worth 278,250,000 dollars wey im equivalent na about 194 billion naira.

Di agency say dem secure court order to destroy bulk of di drugs from Federal High Court Lagos.

Out of di 1.8 tons wey dem seize, dem burn 1,828 blocks of di cocaine and keep small wey dem go use prosecute di suspects wey dem arrest during di seizure.

Di suspect come di destruction location for Ibereko Badagry and follow sign certificate of destruction.

Di agency say dem dey move di fight against drug abuse forward by going after assets wey drug pushers use drug money purchase.

Baba Marwa wey be head of NDLEA say in di last 20 months dem don secure 249 luxury cars wey drug pushers forfeit and block about 600 related accounts. Say dem don secure 2904 convictions for drug offenders.

Nigeria don witness series of drug bursts recently and do high profile arrest wey dey related to hard drug.

Di arrest of super cop Abba Kyari wey dem arrest sake of drug related incident make naves for di region.

Some of di cocaine for bag wey NDLEA wan burn

Some of di cocaine for bag wey NDLEA wan burn

Authorities raid di warehouse wey dey 6 Olukuola crescent, Solebo estate, Ikorodu, on Sunday 18th September, 2022, while dey pick up di barons from hotels and dia hideouts in different parts of Lagos between Sunday night and Monday 19th September.

Dem say preliminary investigation reveal say di class A drugs dey warehouse for di residential estate from wia di cartel bin dey try to sell dem to buyers for Europe, Asia and oda parts of di world.

Dem store dem inside 10 travel bags and 13 drums.

Cocaine stash

Authorities say dem arrest at least, four drug barons including one Jamaican and di warehouse manager in di well coordinated and intelligence led operation wey last two days across different locations for Lagos state.

No be today NDLEA dey destroy illegal drugs dem seize.

Di Oyo state command of di agency for June, 2022, destroy different kinds of Illegal drugs wey weigh over 16,000 kilogrammes and wey worth reach one billion naira, N1bn.