Joola boat tragedy: Tori of di accident for Africa wey kill more pipo dan Titanic own

Di Joola Boat afta e capsize


Weda na over population abi na greed, or geography, pipo neva fit say wetin cause one of di biggest maritime disaster in human history.

Ova 1,800 pipo from 12 kontris dey among di deadbodi wey comot from dis tragedy. 444 of di pipo na small pikin.

September 26th, 2002 na di day wen di Joola wey be goment owned ship capsize off The Gambia coast

Senegal football national team coach, Aliou Cisse lose im sister and eight family members for di boat wen e capsize.

20 years on, di victims families still dey ask goment make dem comot di Joola from inside di water so dem go fit mourn dia loved ones wey die.

“Even now, I feel it every Thursday, e be like na di day of di attack”, dis na wetin Mariama Diouf, wey be di only woman to survive di Joola ship wreck tok.

Out of di ova 2,000 pipo wey tori be say dem dey on board dat day, na only 64 pipo survive.

Mariama tok say on di day of di boat ride, as she bin go di boat, dem bin tell am say di boat don full, na im pesin come tell am say make she carry im ticket waka her own waka because e forget sometin for house.

Na so she enta boat. Lamin Coly, wey be anoda survivor, say im business with di Joola dat day na because family member bin call am come Dakar say im get work for am.

Di Joola na Senegal goment owned boat wey dey carry traders from di south of Senegal, di Cansamace go di kontri capital of Dakar go sell market so dem go fit come back with goods.

E get capacity of 536 passengers and 35 cars

Former Senegalese player Michel Diatta bin carry 27 pikin dem go in order to pay for competition. All of dem follow die for inside water

Wetin happun on di day of di ship wreck?

Mariama Diouf describe wen she notice say something dey wrong for inside di boat.

She say, “I notice say sometin bin dey wrong wen di pipo wey bin dey lie down on top mat for inside di boat start to dey roll towards me.

“But because na my first time wey I bin dey enta boat I bin tink say e dey, normal even though I bin dey fear. Na wen I, myself start to dey slip inside di boat na wen I see say everytin no dey normal”.

Under water, Mariama bin tink bout di four months pregnancy she carry enta di boat, she say “I bin tink say na God will make I die with my unborn pikin”.

Lamin Coly wey be di only survivor for di 35 pipo wey enta boat for im village reveal say, “wen di rain start dem send all di passengers go inside but I bin dey fear wen I see di number of pipo.

“Light bin fluctuate off and on and by the third time e off pata-pata. all dis time, I bin no tink say di boat go fit turn over, but I comot outside see di water na wen I know say e turn ova.”

Wetin happun afta, na wetin di survivors neva fit recover from even 20 years afta.

Mariama say she bin dey with one mama and her pikin, “I bin dey try catch di pikin but I no fit.

“Wen I enta di water I hold my breath for long becos I sabi do am because I don sabi water since I be seven years old, but afta sometime I come tink am say maybe na God will make I carry my four months pregnancy go”.

Lamin say im see images wey neva comot for im brain till now, for instance, “I bin dey swim with pesin, next tin I discover na say di pesin dey drown”.

But later dem reach di hull, dat is, di bottom of di boat wey bin turn na dia dey siddon dey wait fo help.

‘Africa Titanic’: In remembrance of Senegal Joola tragedy
The British Broadcasting Corporation

Dem recall say Michel Diatta wen im make im way to di top of di boat see say none of di pikin wey im carry for competition dey saved ask di fellow survivors say, “wetin I go tell dia parents” before im jump enta water.

Dat na di last time any of dem see of am.

E take minimum of ten hours from wen di accident happun for around 11pm before any help reach dem.

According to Mariama, if to say help come earlier, di number of pipo wey survive for dey more.

Di survivors tok about one man wey im wife bin dey for inside di boat wen e manage comot, and how im bin dey use di ring wia im wear for hand dey hit di boat, because pipo wey dey inside di water bin dey knock from under, e say e do am make dem get hope say help dey come.

But by di time help reach dia side nko, di pipo wey bin dey knock from inside di boat and dey shout for dia lives don stop to dey do anytin.

Wetin dem do for rescue operations for di boat

One fisherman bin comot by 10am to catch fish, and e see sometin strange wey im no see before, na deadibodi e see for inside di water.

Boubakar Kamara wey be fisherman for Gunjure for di Gambia, den call di fishermen leaders for im community afta e start to dey see more and more deadibodi dey come to shore.

“By ten am for morning I go fish for di normal place wey I dey fish wen I see sometin wey no dey dia di day before. Na deadibodi, as I see more dey rush o shore na im I decide to tell my community fishermen ogas dem”, na wetin Boubakar explain.

Di Chairman of Gunjur Fishermen, Elimane Sarr wey tok say, “On my way to di scene, na im official for di fishery department tell me say, make we send boats to go rescue di survivors for di Joola boat wey capsize”.

Mariama Diouf di only woman wey survive

Mariama Diouf di only woman wey survive

E reveal say for three days straight, im and im fellow fishermen just dey pack deadibodi dem comot from di sea from morning to evening like say na work dem dey do.

Boubakar recall say, “one of di deadibodi wey I comot from di water na mama wey back her baby, na dat ime I| just cry”.

Mariama reveal say di number of pipo wey fishermen rescue na 22, “out of all of dem, na me be di only woman wey dem rescue”.

She say both pipo wey die and bin dey in pain follow join for inside di water.

In all dis survival efforts, dem say dem no see Senegalese Navy as part of di rescue team.

Wetin Survivors of di accident don dey go through

Lamin Coly, one of survivors reveal say, “whenever pikin dem dey shout as dem dey play around me, e be like say na di victims from under d boat still dey shout gimme”.

Mariama say every Thursday since di accident don dey do am like say na di day wey di attack happun.

Di morning afta di boat sink, Elie Diatta wey be di younger broda of Michel say “di parents of di boys wey my big broday come meet me tell me say make I give dem dia pikin dem”.

Elie Diata wey dey in charge of di Ziguinchor Victim Association say na why e join to help pipo with di loss.

Howeva na now, afta e don help pipo with dia pain, na im e dey feel im own, “I no fit cry for outside but wen I come inside remember am I go cry”.

Aliou Cisse wey be di current Senegal national team coach say e lose about 11 pipo for di accident.

And na for middle of of World Cup wey im lead as di captain of Senegal na im di incident happun.

Wetin cause di Joola to capsize

Di President of Senegal dat time, Wade say im go do full investigation for wetin do di boat.

For statement howeva, e blame di whole mata “say our vices dey at di root of di kasala based on di lightness, irresponsibility and greed wey we dey put for inside mata wey be say we dey put for situations wey dey perfectly dangerous because we dey make money from am”.

Pat Wiley  wey be former aerospace engineer and bin dey part of di Apollo programme read about di Joola kasala for di New York Times five months afta e happun na wetin peak im interest on di mata.

Di former sailor tok say, e bin check with di International Maritime Organisation to see if dem do any ivestigate but find out say dem just follow for wetin President Wade bin do.

Pat Wiley wey later author di book ‘The Sinking of the MV Le JOOLA: Africa’s Titanic ‘ for 2013, reveal say, “while di boat hit storm that night, plenti factors bin contribute to di capsize wey di goment bin dey responsible for”.

Di Joola bin no dey work for one full year sake of engine and mechanical problem, two weeks afta dem bring am back e capsize.

Pat say “Di goment bin say di boat bin dey safe to sail, one week or two before di accident, e bin no dey truthful. Secondly, many pipo bin enta di boat without tickets because of bribery, none of di life rafts bin dey work for di boat and di majority of pipo for di boat no wear life jackets”.

Aliou Cisse

Aliou Cisse na di current Senegal national team coach, e say e lose about 11 pipo for di accident.

Professor Djiby Diakhate wey be professor for di University Cheik Diop for Dakar, say di accident show say “problems dey with geography, history and economy at least”.

E explain say, “Senegal na kontri wey France colonise and dem put most of di production infrastructure for di coast.

“Most essential infrastructure dey for Dakar wey be di smallest region for Senegal, Joola dey transport traders from Casamance to Dakar to buy and sell”.

“Pipo dey find am hard to travel from Dakar go Casamance di road no dey good and if you no wan go long wey, you go pass di Gambia for road.”