Adesua Etomi Wellington, Banky W baby Zaiah: Baby Zaiah meaning plus Wellington’s interesting gist

Adesua Etomi Wellington and Bankole Wellington AKA Banky W baby Zaiah arrival dey sweet belle of many Nigerians.

Di Nollywood actress and her husband wey be Nigerian afrobeat singer finally announce for dia social media handle say she born baby boy, four weeks afta dem born di pikin and fans of di couple no fit hide dia joy.

Hundreds of thousands ‘congratulations, well wishes and love’ don dey pour in from different corner to Nollywood actress Adesua Etomi sake of di birth of her son, Zaiah.

“…My baby had a baby and he be everything we prayed for @adesuaetomi Happy birthday “Mama Zaiah” I love you SCATTER.” Banky W post for Instagram and Twitter.

Di singer add say “God turn our tears into triumph, and our loss into laughter. E change our lives forever, here na to di next chapter.”

And Adesuwa reply with love message and emojis.

Banky W and Adesua Etomi marry for 2017.

Wetin be di meaning of Zaiah

According to, pipo from different part of di world submit where dem feel say di name come from. 53% of di users say di origin na Hebrew, while 28% say na from Arabic and 19% say na English name.

One user from Uganda, say di name Zaiah mean “God is salvation”.

Anoda user from Maryland, U.S. say “Zaiah, na derivative of di name Saiah and both originate from di name Isaiah – meaning God is salvation”.

One pesin from Virginia, U.S. say di name Zaiah na Hebrew origin and mean “Gift of God”.

Some oda pesin from Ireland say di name Zaiah mean “Beautiful Goddess”.

Meanwhile one study say di Name Zaiah dey popular for Arabic speaking kontries meaning “Popular” and “Well-Known”. Zaiah na gender neutral name, meaning say both boy and girl pikin fit ansa am.

Tins you fit no know about Adesua Etomi

  • Her full name na Tolulope Adesua Etomi and she once tweet say she like how those pipo wey sabi her reach house dey call her Tolu.
  • Adesua Etomi na from Edo state and Graduate with First-Class degree in Theatre from di University of Wolverhampton, UK.
  • Acting don always dey Adesua Etomi blood and she act for di first time for di age of seven with one drama club for her primary school, corona school Victoria Island.
  • Adesua Etomi na di last born among three children, her papa na Soldier and her mama na Civil Engineer.
  • Adesua Etomi move to UK wen she be 13 years old and come back to Nigeria for 2013.
  • She bin return back from di UK because of one project wey she wan do and she bin plan to stay for three months.
  • Di actress reveal say many pipo no know say she be funny lady and she dey so guarded.
  • Adesua once let her fans know say 70% of her wardrobe na jeans
  • Adesua first big screen appearance inside Nigerian cinemas na for April 14, 2014 wen she get one role for Emem Isong film, Knocking On Heaven’s Door.
  • For 2016, Adesua Etomi win Best Actress in Drama for di Africa Magic Viewers Choice Award (AMVCA).
  • Some oda films wey Adesua Etomi don feature in include The Call, Brave, Falling, A Soldier’s Story, Out Of Luck, Couple Of Days, And The Spirit Slowly Dies, The Arbitration, Music In The Desert and The Wedding Party.

Interesting tins about Banky W

  • Olubankole Wellington AKA Banky W na singer, song writer, actor, entrepreneur and politician.
  • Banky W family move from United States to Lagos Nigeria wen e be 5 years old. Im papa na engineer and mama na church pastor. Banky get four siblings; one sister and three brothers.
  • E complete im primary and secondary school education for Nigeria then later move back to US for im university education to study Industrial Engineering.
  • Banky Wellington start to dey sing for im church choir for a very young age.
  • Banky W na very good friend of Ebuka Obi Uchendu, di host of Big Brother Naija show and Tunde Demuren, husband to OAP Tools.
  • Adesua Etomi husband reveal during one interview with Ebuka say e get very big crush on Nigerian actress Genevieve Nnaji, e try chase di crush but e no work. So dem be just be ordinary friends.
  • Di musician also reveal say e don battle with cancer three times.
  • Bank W also tok during anoda interview say e favourite artist for di world na Jay Z
  • For November 2018, Banky W declare im plan to run for di Lagos Eti-Osa Federal Constituency seat for House of Representatives.
  • And for 23 February 2019, Banky W lost di Eti-Osa Federal Constituency Elections to Babajide Obanikoro of All Progressives Congress.