Tinubu no dey fear to go one-on-one wit anybody – FFK

Di presidential candidate for di ruling All Progressives Congress, Bola Tinubu no dey fear to do debates or go head on wit di oda presidential candidates.

Dis na according to Nigeria former Minister of Aviation and Director Special Media Operations and New Media for di Tinubu/Shettima campaign Femi Fani-Kayode.

E tok for exclusive interview wit BBC Pidgin wia e ansa questions around di 2023 elections as e concern di APC candidates and di mata say e dey avoid debates.

“Na di candidate and e depend on im schedules, e get busy schedule, Tinubu don do more rallies, more town hall meetings, don do more rallies, don speak to more pipo directly and ansa important questions more dan probably all di odas put togeda,” e tok.

Fani-Kayode add say oga Tinubu get di right to determine wia e dey go and wia e no go go – “e no go go wia e believe say pipo wan set am up but at di same time e go connect wit di pipo, na wetin e dey do and go continue to dey do.

“May be if dem ask am about debates in a sensible way e go consider am but na im get di choice.

But I go tell you wetin, e fit debate anybody wella, hands-down out of all di odas, if na one-on-one debate, real one, I dey sure of dat one, make dem ask am first and make we see. ” FFK tok.

‘Our competition no be Peter Obi… we no dey take am seriously’

Fani-Kayode also speak on a video wey trend recently wey Tinubu bin refer to di Labour Party candidate Peter Obi and say “na disgrace to mention im name.”

“Na im choice to say so. Some of di tins wey Obi imsef and im candidate don tok about our candidate fit make any decent pesin reason say wetin go make me give am di credit of mentioning im name.

“Dis na pesin wey morning, day and night dey tok bad tins about me, my family and those around me, I no dey prepared to mention im name.”

“Dis tin wey we dey do na serious busines for di destiny of our nation, you fit come out dey tok figures here and dia but no expect everybody to take you seriously, we no dey take am seriously but na di Nigerian pipo go ultimately decide.

“APC no dey worried, if anytin na PDP votes dem dey take. Di real enemy for us no be Labour Party, dem dey just too small, di real enemy for us na di PDP.” E tok.

On di controversy wey make di former secretary to di government of di federation Babachir Lawal to endorse di presidential candidate of di Labour Party Peter Obi as im choice, FFK say dat one no mean so much and na im right to make im choice.

“One or two pipo no dey in agreement wit di decision and choice to get a muslim-muslim ticket and e no represent say problem dey wit di leadership, e just mean say a few pipo no dey comfortable wit am, one of dem na di gentleman wey you mention wey I get ogbonge respect for.

“E don make im position clear and e dey speak only for imsef.”

‘Wike and im integrity govnors dey welcomed to APC’

Fani-Kayode wey be former member of di PDP also speak on di issues wey di opposition party dey face wey don lead to a split for di party wit five govnors wey dey led by Rivers state Govnor Nyesom Wike to form dia group.

“First of all I get to commend dia courage, dem dey call demsefs di integrity group now and anybody wey get integrity dey welcomed for our ranks to dey alligned wit us.

“I hope dem get di courage to come all di way to say to us say dem go support Tinubu becos dem no get oda option.”

“I go encourage Wike to kontinu wetin e dey do and to stand on principle, dem no treat dem fairly within dia party and dem dey do di right tin.” Fani-Kayode add.

‘Di drug trafficking allegations against Tinubu no dey shake us’

On di allegations of drug trafficking against di presidential candidate of di ruling party, di toktok pesin say “E no dey concerned becos na lie.”

Femi Fani-Kayode explain say “If pipo wan sit down and accept lies, no be for us to come siddon morning day and night dey see dis na lie.

“Di allegations wey dem make 30 years ago, situation wia American goment demsef through officials for Nigeria come back to say no indictment dey against am and e no dey convicted, dem tok am demsefs and during di investigation return one million dollars to di pesin wey dis pesi dey claim say be drug dealer, e no make sense.

“We no dey bothered at all, di whole tin na lie from beginning to end, e dey very clear from di facts say e no do anytin wrong, dem no ever indict am, dem no convict am, we move on.”