How govnor Special adviser die for stampede during 2023 election rally

Aisha Maina at di rally venue

Aisha Maina for di rally on Tuesday moments before di stampede wey kill her

Di People’s Democratic Party for Nigeria hold dia presidential rally for Sokoto state on Tuesday for Giginya stadium.

Unfortunately stampede happun for di rally as pipo dey try leave di venue at di end wey lead to di death of special adviser to Sokoto govnor Aisha Maina.

Some oda pipo also sustain different level of injuries due to wetin happun.

According to one eyewitness Ashiru Yunusa wetin cause di stampede na one motorcyclist wey fall down on top im bike close to di exit and na wetin make di commotion start.

“I attend di rally and e happun peacefully but to my knowledge wetin cause di stampede na dat bike wey fall as pipo dey exit di venue at di end of di programme.

“So pipo dey try move from wia di bike accident happun but as e be say pipo too much na so di stampede begin and unfortunately Aisha lose her life.”

Chairmo of Forum of Special Advisers in Sokoto state Ibrahim Magaji Gusau tell BBC News Pidgin say e also attend di rally but no dey close to wia di stampede happun adding dat im late colleague na pesin wey e go dey always remember.

“Even at di venue me and her (Aisha) dey togeda not knowing say na di last time we go see be dat.

“Immediately we hear of di incident we quickly rush her to Usman Danfodio Teaching hospital but unfortunately she die minutes afta admission.

“I go always remember Aisha for her hardwork and unifying efforts, she dey always ready to assist and help pipo and hen e come to work she sabi am no be small.

“Even for di present role on female education wey govnor give her no be small work she do dia.”

‘Di Aisha wey I go always remember’

Aisha Maina

Many pipo for social media dey remember Aisha

Many pipo wey sabi di late Aisha don comot for social media to remember her and di legacy she leave behind.

Sadiq Abba post for im Facebook im chat with Aisha after she decide to cater for one unwanted baby wey somebody trowey.

“Dat singular act show di kain good heart wey Aisha get, somebody trowey pikin and she decide to make di pikin her own, giving di baby di best life.”

And also many pipo wey bin dey present for di rally wey turn out to be her final moment recall dia last conversation inside di venue.

While some pipo dey repost her last Facebook post about di rally just a day before.

Aisha bin serve as chairperson for national women journalists group Nawoj.

And before she become SA on female education she bin serve as SA New Media to govnor Aminu Tambuwal.

Ashiru Yunusa burial

Ashiru Yunusa burial

Ashiru Yunusa burial

Ashiru Yunusa burial


Police go use cameras to investigate

Sanusi Abubakar, tok-tok pesin for Sokoto Police Command say di main rally happun peacefully and dat di stampede happun between some scavengers and pipo left behind to take care of items for di stadium.

E add say immediately Police get report of wetin dem happun dem send officers to clear di place and restore normalcy.

“Unfortunately di stampede affect some pipo with one pesin confirmed dead.

“At di moment we dey carry out full investigations using di cameras and oda technology based facilities wey dey di stadium,” e tok.

‘Crowd control na big problem for rallies’

Ashiru Auwal na event manager wey dey stay Kano state and e tok say di problem na say most times di political parties no dey put serious efforts towards crowd control.

According to Ashiru controlling crowd no be police work but most times na dem dey do am.

“Crowd control na special something wey need trained stewards to do am but most times for Nigeria na Police dem dey give di work.”

“And I feel say no ne dia biggest strength because dem dey occupied with oda tins for di venue.”