How NDLEA arrest wanted drug kingpin wey dey allegedly operate drug cartel for South-East, South-South

Di National Drug Law Enforcement Agency, NDLEA don arrest one of two brodas wey dey allegedly serve as major sources of bad drug supplies for South East and South South parts of di kontri.

Di suspect Onyeaghalachi Stephen Nwagwugwu, chop arrest afta nine years wey di drug police say dem don dey chase am.

Di drug police say di elder brother, Eze Kaleb Stephen, wey also dey wanted, narrowly escape during di overnight operation.

Dem say di operation bin shelle same time for dia two locations: Umuahia and Ntigha Okpuola community for Isiala Ngwa North LGA, Abia state.

Authorities say dem launch fresh bid to bring di two to book and end dia criminal trade dey launched four months ago.

Dis one lead to di raid operation for dia locations for Saturday 26 November 2022.

While dem successfuly arrest di younger broda, Onyeaghalachi Stephen Nwagwugwu, wey dey live for Umuahia, Abia state capital.

Di elder brother, Eze Kaleb Stephen, narrowly escape when im Ntigha Okpuola community home dey stormed by operatives wey men of di Nigerian Army back.

Oga of NDLEA Brig. Gen. Mohamed Buba Marwa (Retd), commend di officers and men of di Agency wey involve for di operation and men of di military wey support dem for di ogbonge work wey dem do.

E advise di suspected baron wey don japa to surrender imself before di Agency smoke am out sake of no hiding place for am. 

Authorities recover plenti drugs and property during di raid

During di raid, plenti cocaine and different types of cannabis dey recovered from di two houses while di Agency don so far seal two hotels, one eatery, two mansions wey link to dem.

Dem also recover three exotic vehicles from dia homes as efforts dey go on to trace more of dia bank accounts and properties.

Di hotels be: Jahlove Hotel, Mbawsi, Isiala Ngwa North LGA; Noicyhl Luxury Hotel, Aba -Port-Harcourt expressway, Aba and Royal Cruise Fast Food, Enugu- Port Harcourt expressway, Isiala Ngwa North LGA, all in Abia State.

How Onyeaghalachi and im broda Eze allegedly start drug business

NDLEA say Investigations wey dem carry out show say di two brodas allegedly start career of di illicit drug business since di late 90s.

Dem bin allegedly start as pocket dealers before dem later establish smoking joints/bunks for dia community Ntigha Okpuola.

Dem allegedly later grow to become barons wey own Hotels, Houses for choice areas of Abia, Rivers and Imo State, wit plenti exotic cars.

NDLEA say dem don dey find since 2013 when dem allegedly arrange mob attack on some of di Agency operatives wey bin dey try arrest dem during one raid.

At least, one of di officers wey dem attack dem still dey sick till date according to di anti-drug agency.

Di drug enforcement agency say di two drug lords also armed militia wey guard dia houses and drug stores.

Na for di house dem dey run assorted bad substances like Cocaine, Heroin, Methamphetamine (Mpuru-miri), Loud/Arizona and all sorts.

During di operation, one of dia militiamen, Eberechi Kingsley Monday also chop arrest.

Oda major burst wey NDLEA don record recently

NDLEA burst drug warehouse


Since di chairman of di National Drug Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA), Brig Gen Buba Marwa (retd) gbab office as oga, di agency don record plenti success for dia fight againts hard drugs for di kontri.

And oga Marwa and im officials don recieve plenti accolades from Nigerians including President Muhammadu Buhari .

For September dis year, di National Drug Law Enforcement Agency, NDLEA bin burst one major warehouse for one estate wey dey inside Ikorodu area of Lagos.

For wetin di agency dey call di ‘biggest’ singular cocaine seizure in di history of Nigeria anti-narcotic agency, di operatives say dem seize 1.8tons (1,855 kilograms) of di illicit drug worth more dan Two Hundred and Seventy Eight Million Two Hundred and Fifty Thousand Dollars ($278, 250,000) equivalent of about One Hundred and Ninety Four Billion, Seven Hundred and Seventy Five Million (N194, 775,000,000) Naira in street value.

For April dis year, NDLEA bin intercept 101 parcels of cocaine wey one suspect allegedly hide inside Children duvet for Lagos airport.NDLEA tok-tok pesin, Femi Babafemi, na im confam di seizure of di drugs wey weigh 13.2 kilograms for one statement on Sunday.

Apart from dis ones di agency almost every week di agency dey gbab drug traffickers for airport and within di kontri wit some major arrest wey dey follow.

Recently di agency bin declare one Lagos socialite Alhaji Ademola Afolabi Kazeem (a.k.a Alhaji Abdallah Kazeem Muhammed) wanted sake of allege say e get hand for hard drug business and money laundering.