Remaining 23 Abuja-Kaduna train passengers gain freedom

Damaged Abuja-Kaduna train wey wey Boko Haram bomb kidnap passengers


Nigeria goment say dem don secure di release of all di remaining 23 passengers wey Boko Haram terrorists kidnap from Abuja-Kaduna bound train for March.

For statement wey dey signed by di Secretary, Chief of Defence Staff Action Committee, Usman Yusuf, for di official Facebook page of Aso Rock Villa (wey be di seat of power), dem say all di get dia freedom on Wednesday 5 October 2022, almost six months afta Boko Haram kidnap dem.

Yusuf say di rescue operation bin dey possible thru di collabo of di Nigeria military, all oda security agencies plus di Ministry of Transportation.

Boko Haram bin attack di train wey dey travel from Abuja go Kaduna on di 28 of March 2022.

How di attack happun

On di evening of Monday 28 March, some members of Boko Haram members attack one train wey from Abuja dey Kaduna for northern Nigeria,

Passengers for di train describe dat evening as night of di horror.

As di train dey road dey travel go Kaduna from Abuja di Boko Haram group wey dem bin suspect say dem be bandits at dat time, bomb parts of di train and also shoot some pipo.

Shehu Isa, one of di passengers tell BBC News Pidgin say di train leave Abuja around 6pm and evritin bin dey go smoothly until dem reach Dutse-Kakau area wen dem hear loud bang and train begin shake.

“Me and di pesin wey siddon near me dey even gist, wen we hear di loud bang and train begin shake. Na so all of us quickly lie down for ground.”

Isa tok say e no too tay before dem start dey hear gunshots.

Di Nigeria president Muhammadu Buhari bin promise on different occasions say im goment go do everytin possible to rescue di victims alive.

E bin also asure im kontri pipo say di military get dia plans and no be sometin wey dem go release to di media but for di families.

Over di months, di kidnappers bin dey release di prisoners small small afta each passenger pay ransom of N100 million.

Tori bin also come out say dem rape some of di women wey dem kidnap, while dem beat di men, but BBC no fit independently confam dis.