Vera Sidika new look: Kenyan entrepreneur tok why she remove her butt implants

Woman wey wear pant and bra.


Kenyan celebrity, Vera Sidika don announce say she don undo the plastic surgery wey she bin do for her bum-bum.

She reveal her change in bodi for inside Instagram say she comot am sake of “health risks and complication”.

She reveal for her Insta stories say, “di side effects and risks for butt implants and surgeries exist. Di complications dey unbearable. Some pipo no dey comot from am alive”.

She say, “dis don be di hardest period for my life. I bin need do di surgery. E still dey unbelievable but I don accept am and learn to love myself regardless”.

Sidika dey very popular for her big bum-bum but di mama of one declare for her stories, say she choose her life and health ova gigs.

Di 33 year old mama of one, tok say wen she bin dey see pictures of surgeries complications, “I bin tink say na because dem no get beta doctors but no be so, consequences dey and you go only believe am wen you see am”.

Vera Sidika say she dey hop her tori go inspire oda pipo wey dey tink weda to do dat kain tin.

Vera Sidika journey on top her bodi mata

For 2019, Vera Sidika decide to reverse from bleaching say “no dey allow your past define you. Na lesson no be life sentence” before she announce say “it feels good to be back! Black no dey crack.”

Later in December of 2020, she reveal say her teeth dey fake for Instagram. She say, “Dem say I no fit wait for 90 to dey toothless, I already dey toothless cos all my teeth na fake”.

Her bodi mata don cause a lot of tok-tok for social media for inside Kenya and beyond.

She bin don tok about how her breast bin get implant and how di doctor put di implants so she go fit to breast feed her first pikin wey she born last year.

Sidiki decision to take out her implants dey come as more and more celebrities dem dey work on dia bodi.

Rise in bum-bum enhancement surgery and tori of complication

Vera Sidika no be di first pesin wey don come out to tok about complications wey she get sake of bum-bum surgery.

For July 2020, one popular business woman, Omotola Taiwo, wey pipo sabi as ‘Omohtee’ bin tell BBC Pidgin about wetin she dey pass through afta she decide to do her bum-bum.

She follow tok about di different fluids wey dey comot from her bodi and di pains wey she still dey feel six months afta her surgery.

One Cameroon Plastic Surgeon, Dr Oben Sammy bin tell BBC say say, “one of di biggest wahala of surgery na thromboembolism wey mean say fat go enta di blood or water go dey gada for di pesin skin, skin sef fit die”.

E add say, “plastic surgery good but e get plenti wahala”.

According to di British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons, na Brazilian Butt lift get di most death rate of all plastic surgery dem or procedure.