Who be di four friends wey dem brutally murder inside one apartment for Abuja?

Di tori of four pipo wey dem murder for one apartment for Abuja, Nigeria capital make headlines for di kontri wen di tori break recently.

As pipo dey wonder how dis kain tin take happun, family members and friends of di victims still dey in tears, pain and sorrow as dem dey beg security pipo to help dem unravel dis mysterious deaths.

One of di friend to two of di victims Fiamarri Machar Zoaka break down in tears as im try to narrate di mata to BBC Pidgin how im take hear di sad news.

Im say Samson Pankyes Anpe, wey pipo sabi as ‘Chopboii’, na im friend for over 20 years.

How Chopboii miss and di search for am

Di Fi’ammari and Chopboii friendship tight well-well, e say im and Chopboii both go di same school and dem even dey for di same dance crew, sometimes  Chopboii dey come stay for im house for days and even weeks, e add say Chopboii suppose come visit am on Sunday 25th September, 2022, but im no showface.

“Anytime wey Sam wan rest, take a break or relax, im go come my house come stay for some days, sometimes im dey spend weeks and im dey always dey in contact wit im parents, im dey always tok to im mama, papa and im sisters, but dis time di unusual happun .

Dem call me say dem no fit find Sam, say im phones dey switched-off, I try im lines e no connect, I surprise becos im bin call me say im go come my house on Sunday evening, but as I no see am I feel say im don get important tins to do.” E tok.

Di’ Fi’ammari say e no even tink say anytin bad don happun sake of say no be wetin im expect.

“Nobodi fit reach am, im sister call me too, she also message me on Instagram say im mama dey ask about am.

Later dem tell me say im bin dey wit Peter Gwezi Ugbomah (One of di victims) I try to call am too but im number dey switched off. I don sabi Peter (Gwezi) for like 10 years too, so I sabi dem well well,” e tok.

Fi’ammari explain say na on Tuesday  27th September, 2022 dem start to find dem seriously before dem get clue.

“As we kontinu our search, dat same Tuesday, one of our friend girlfriend come tell us say e get one house wey Chopboii dey always go for Gwarimpa, make we go check dia. Sometimes we fit no see for days up to one week but I no dey worry sake of say I dey see im updates for social media so I know say im dey fine.

“Chopboii na pesin wey get social media presence, e dey always dey post im music, dance clips to push im music so im fit support im family and provide for im unborn pikin.”

Fia’mmari explain say e call di pesin wey bin call am to ask for update na im dem tell am to rush come say dem dey wit police to break di door open.

“I no expect say na wetin we go see, I just want hear update becos I don already dey fear wit plenti assumptions for my mind. Wen I call again dem tell me to come Gwarinpa immediately. Wen I reach dia, my bodi tell me say pesin don die.”


E say wen im ask wetin dey happun dem say four deadibodi dey for di apartment, becos police don know wetin happun dem cari Sam girlfriend wey dey about seven months pregnant keep for police station so dat she no go know wetin happun.

“Police tell all of us to stay away sake of say na active crime scene make e no dey contaminated. FCT Police Commissioner and di Forensic Team come di place too. Sake of say na me dey close to Sam pass for dat place, dem call me to enta inside to identify di deadibodi dem.” E tok

Di’ Fi’ammari say wetin e see after dat na di worst tin wey e don ever see for im life.

“I waka enta inside di place wit police, sake of say light no dey na flashlight we even use, wetin my eyes see, I no believe say I go see dat kain tin for my life, no be to pesin wey I sabi, even strangers I no go wish dat kain tin to happun to dem, till now I still dey smell blood  for my nose, becos di deadibodi dem don already dey decay and smell, wey mean say no be dat Tuesday dem kill dem.”

“I see deadibodi dem for ground, I see blood evriwia. Dem cover Peter (Gwezi) bodi, we no even know say na im be dat, no only im dey parlour, odas bin dey inside di bedroom.”

E say di murderers break dia heads and cut dia body anyhow.

“As we dey waka dey check for details we see say dem bash Peter head, break im jaw, dem cut im head and im finger, come write ‘HIM’ wit blood for di wall.

Dem also write for di wall with sharp object ‘I TELL DEM MAKE DEM NO PLAY WIT HER’ As we waka dey enta di bedroom, di first person I see na Chopboii.”

Fi’ammari say e be like say im bin dey try to defend imsef, dem come cut im hand in di process, dem cut im head too.

“For di right side, na Pelumi Beerollings, Gwezi Producer, dem break im head too. Anoda pesin bin dey dia, we bin no know say na woman becos of how she dress.”

“Dem cut di woman beyond recognition na later dem identify her as Blessing Udie.2

“Dis na di worse tin I don ever see for my life, dis na di worse kind of feeling I fit feel becos, you know wen you get pesin wey dey close to you well-well and una dey almost di same age, you see am battle against society, against odds just to make music to make pipo happy.” Fi’ammari tok as e dey cry.

Wetin police tok

 For statement FCT Police Command tok-tok pesin Josephine Adeh say, na a case of suspected culpable homicide”.

“Di wife of one of di victims , one Queen Blue Jack bin don inform di police earlier say she no know di whereabouts of her husband wey comot from house wit im friend and all efforts to reach dem no work.”

“She say as police receive di information dem send team of detectives go di place.”

“Team of detectives attached to di Gwarimpa division go di place wia dem see her husband and three oda pipo deadibodi for di pool of dia blood.”

Police say dem cari di deadibodi dem go hospital for possible medical intervention but doctor confam say dem don die.

Di deceased dem dey Kubwa General Hospital morgue.

“Discrete investigations don start and we go tell una about any developments” di statement tok.

Friend and relatives mourn Chopboii and di oda victims

Anoda friend of di late Chopboii wey prefer to dey known as Blemwurld tell BBC Pidgin say dem don be friends since 2016 and dem dey do business togeda.

She describe Chopboii as her best friend and she go really miss plenti tins about am.

“Chopboii dey very talented and creative, e dey good and very nice, pipo wey don meet am dey always dey happy.  Im dey sing dey dance and e dey also do video directing.

 Na my business partner, we start fashion brand togeda.”

 She say Chopboii don also feature for one BBC radio programme for UK.

 Fi’ammari also get plenti tins to tok about im late friend.

 “Chopboii  na pesin wey dey pass through plenti tins but you no go see im struggles for im face. Sometimes im go just blankout, you go notice say im dey tink of somtin, but yet im be di life of di party.

Na im dey dance dey advice and encourage pipo.” E tok.

E add say Chopboii na dat friend wey even for old age una two go dey dey discuss about life.

 “You know dat feeling wen you get friend wit di hope say una go reach 80 or 90 years una go siddon wit una pikin and grand pikin dem to remember how life bin dey. I feel like say we lose a gem, I pray and I hope.

To see your fellow human being in dat state, e go dey very wrong if security pipo no help find di pipo wey do dis tin. E go be a serious scar on police if dem no find di pipo wey do dis tin” E tok.

Chopboii bin go one of di private university for Nigeria before e also go further im Education for UK. Im study Achitecture.

Na for May, 1986 dem born am, e dey 36 years before e die.

Di oda victims na Peter Gwezi Ugbomah – Artist

Blessing Udie

Pelumi Beerolling – Music Producer