Challenges William Ruto presidency go face to govern Kenya

William Ruto, Kenya New President Elect: Challenges before Ruto presidency afta election

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Deputy President William Ruto don dey declared winner of Kenya presidential election amid dramatic scenes on Monday.

But wetin be di challenges ahead for di man wey go succeed President Uhuru Kenyatta?

Ruto narrowly beat im rival, Raila Odinga, taking 50.5% of di vote, according to di official results IEBC declare.

Monday announcement bin delay in di middle of kwanta and allegations of vote-rigging by Odinga campaign.

Four of di seven members of di electoral commission no gree to endorse di result, saying e dey “opaque”.

However, William Samoei Ruto get task ahead as di next president of Kenya, if noting change by 30th August, 2022.

So wetin be di challenges ahead?

William Ruto, Kenya New President Elect: Challenges before Ruto presidency afta election

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Kenya debt

Public debt bin increase to a record high of 8.56 trillion shillings wey dey equal to $72 billion for May from 1.9 trillion shillings e be for 2013 when President Kenyatta administration take office.

According to economists, dis situation fit make di kontri enta di list of kontris wey di IMF no go give loan.

According to di Ministry of Finance, Kenya use about 57% of di national tax for di last fiscal year take pay debts.

Last month, MPs increase Kenya debt go 11% and dis help di goment finance im budget for di next 12 months.


Prices of goods and services rise quickly in more than five years. Dis na di situation wey don force goment to introduce food and fuel subsidies.

Di rise in commodity prices don make am difficult for Kenyans to continue dia lives as usual.

For example, two-kilogram packet of corn flour don reach two dollars from 1.2 dollars e dey in di past three months. Dat na 67% increase.

Dis move by goment to set subsidies and allow corn meal traders to import corn from neighbouring countries no still dey successful even as dem reduce di price of these products to one dollar for a two-kilogram bag.

Russian war also contribute well-well to di plenty money wey climb on top di  price of commodity.

And about 30% to 50% of Kenya wheat flour dey come from Russia and Ukraine. Ukraine sell less than 60% of wheat dis year compared to 2021, one issue wey cause di price of wheat and dia products like bread to rise.

Unemployed youth

Di rate of youth unemployment for Kenya increase for di first quarter of 2021, compared to di previous quarter.

For di age group between 20 and 24 years, di rate dey for 16.3% from 15% e be for di quarter of 2020.

Among 15 to 19-year-olds, unemployment rate rise to nearly seven percent, afta e reach a record low of 2.8 percent for 2020.

About 5.2 million dey unable to find employment while di labour force dey increase by 1 million pipo every year according to di World Bank report.

Economic recession

Kenya economic growth don reach 5.5% in 2022 and e dey expected to reach 5.2% on average between 2023-24.

Di growth rate, although still dey strong, go dey moderate following di remarkable recovery for 2021 from di worst economic effects wey corona epidemic cause, when di kontri economy grow by 7.5 percent, wey be higher rate dan di average growth of economy for di African region and di Sahara desert of 4%.


Corruption na often one of di biggest problems for Kenya.

Kenya head of public service, Joseph Kinyua, estimate say dem dey lose one-third of di national annual budget to corruption, while accounting firm KPMG LLP say abuses and crime plus bribery and bid rigging dey consume about 10% of a national income of $95 billion annually.

President Uhuru Kenyatta last year tok say dem dey tiff about 2 billion shillings every day from di goment.

Kenya score only 30 out of a possible 100 for im anti-corruption efforts for Transparency International 2021 Global Corruption Perceptions Index.

Although e get small improvement from di 26 points e score for 2016, Kenya still dey below di African average of 32.