Coronavirus in Africa: 10 innovations wey Covid-19 inspire

As Africa don pass more than one million confam Covid-19 cases, innovators on di continent don respond to palava wey di pandemic carry come wit different-different solutions. We bend down select 10 of dem.

1. “Doctor Car” robot

Students from di Dakar Polytechnic School for Senegal don build multifunctional robot wey fit reduce di risk of Covid-19 contamination of patients and of those wey dey treat pipo. Di device get cameras and dem fit control am wit app. The designers say e fit move around di rooms of patients wey dey under quarantine, take dia temperature and deliver melecine and food to them.

2. Automatic hand-washing machine

Nine-year-old schoolboy from Kenya Stephen Wamukota invent wooden hand-washing machine to help reduce di spread of coronavirus.Di machine allow pesin wey wan wash hand to use im leg match one pedal wey go turn water for dem, so as to avoid touch-touch of di water bucket. Stephen collect presidential award for June.

3. The RESPIRE-19 portable ventilator

To solve di problem of ventilators wey no reach for Covid-19 wards for Nigeria, 20-year-old engineering student Usman Dalhatu build portable automatic ventilator to help pipo with breathing problems. Im plan now na to build 20 ventilators.

4. 3D mask printing

stock image of 3d printer

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3D printing enables the team to produce 100 masks a day

Natalie Raphil na di founder of Artificial Intelligence company Robots Can Think South Africa. She dey use 3D printers to produce 100 masks per day for use in some of Johannesburg major hospitals.

5. Solar-powered hand-washing sink

Ghanaian Shoemaker Richard Kwarteng and im brother Jude Osei decide to design one solar-power hand-washing basin to increase sanitation levels. When pesin hand near di sensor on di machine, soapy water go automatically comot. And afta 25 seconds, alarm go sound to mark di time wey World Health Organization recommend say make pipo wash hand for.

6. Web-based X-ray lung scans

lung x ray on screen with covid circled in red

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Engineers for Tunisia don create online platform wey fit scans lung X-rays t to try and determine if pesin fit dey suffer from coronavirus. Researchers for di National Institute of Applied Science and Technology for Tunis say di website dey 90% effective.

Coronavirus: Ghana students build low-cost ventilators to fight Covid-19 in Ghana
The British Broadcasting Corporation

7. Police robots on lockdown patrol

A police robot questions someone in Tunis, Tunisia - 1 April 2020


Still on Tunisia, authorities release police robots for di streets of di capital Tunis for April to enforce lockdown measures. Di surveillance robots, wey dem name PGuards, go spy on pipo wey dey waka for road and approach dem to ask why dem comot.

Pesin go come need to show im ID to di robot.

8. Wooden money sanitiser

Kenya mobile money agent Danson Wanjohi build one wooden device wey fit sanitise money wey pass through one hole for di machine.

9. Rapid 65-minute Covid-19 testing kit

South African tech entrepreneurs Daniel Ndima and Dineo Lioma build Covid-19 testing kit wey fit produce result in 65 minutes. Normally, e bin dey reach up to three days for result to comot. Dia solution need to get approval from goment before dem fit release am.

10. Socially distanced haircuts

Man getting a haircut with hairdresser behind a wooden shield


For Ethiopia, barbers find way to cut customer hair and still reduce risk of catching Covid-19. Di barbers go tanda inside one constructed booth wey act like partition to separate dem from customers.