Why di death of dis 12-year-old Archie Battersbee shake UK

Archie Battersbee, one 12-year-old wey bin dey di centre of one legal battle between im parents and doctors, don die.

Im mama, Hollie Dance, say: “Such a beautiful little boy, and e fight right until di very end.”

She say she be “di proudest mama in di world” as she tok outside di Royal London Hospital for east London, wia im die.

Her pikin life support dey withdrawn before on Saturday.  

E die for 12.15 BST, Ms Dance tok, she add say: “I dey so proud to be im mama.”

Wetin really happun

Archie bin don dey for hospital since dem find am unconscious for im house for Southend, Essex, for April.

E bin suffer severe brain injuries and need life-sustaining support, including mechanical ventilation and drug treatment. E never regain consciousness.

Ms Dance earlier say she done do everything wey she promise Archie say she go do, but say di hospital den make am clear say no more options for her pikin.

She and Paul Battersbee, Archie papa, bin ask di European Court of Human Rights to chook mouth for di case last week as dem dey fight for make life support continue, but dem tell dem say e no dey possible.

Dem want make officials move am to one place wia dem dey take care of terminally sick pipo but di High Court, afta dem consider medical evidence, rule say e dy too unstable to for transport by ambulance.

Ms Dance say: “E be wit my deepest sympathy and sadness to tell you Archie die for 12.15 today.

“And I fit just tell you, I be di proudest mama for di whole world.

“Such a beautiful little boy and e fight right until di very end and I dey so proud to be im mama.” 

Why di case land court

Afta im transfer to di Royal London Hospital for east London,  wey Barts Health NHS Trust dey run, doctors bin tell Archie family say dem believe  say im brain damage dey so significant say e fit don dey brain stem dead.

Doctors bin request to conduct brain stem death test, but Archie family no agree, dis make dem carry case go High Court for London for permission to do di test.

For following hearings, lawyers wey represent di trust bin ask di judge to decide di kind moves wey dey Archie best interests.

Em no dey able to do di brain stem test and since further hearings don happun to determine whether life-sustaining treatment suppose kontinu.

At di end of one hearing on 13 June, di judge bin rule say Archie don die on di day of im MRI scan on 31 May and im life support treatment fit stop.

Di family try take permission to appeal against di decision, but di bid dey rejected by three justices for di Court of Appeal.

Dem come ask di ECHR to chook mouth, but late on Friday, di court say dem no fit deal wit di request.  

Wetin Archie family tok?

Hollie Dance (left) wit Ella Carter outside di Royal London hospital

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Hollie Dance (left) wit family friend Ella Carter outside di Royal London hospital

Archie parents, Hollie Dance and Paul Battersbee, bin argue say dia son need more time to heal.

Dem also argue say dia own and Archie religious beliefs suppose get more consideration by medics and di court.

Wit support by di Christian Legal Centre campaigning organisation, di family say dem bin don see signs of life from Archie and say di doctors no listen to dia concerns.

Ms Dancehad say she believe say her son need “more time” to recover.

For tok- tok afta di second High Court ruling, Ms Dance call am “crushing blow”.

“We disagree wit di idea of dignity in death.

To Enforce am on us and fast track im death for dat purpose dey deeply cruel,” she tok.

“E be for God to decide wetin suppose happun to Archie, including if, when and how he suppose die.

“As long as Archie dey fighting for im life, I no fit betray am.”

She bin tok say she dey “live every parent worst nightmare” and vow say she no go give up.

‘Our staff bin provide high quality care’

Candles dey placed next to piece of paper wit Archie written on it inside one hand-drawn heart, outside di Royal London Hospital

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Pipo leave Flowers, candles and cards for outside di hospital

For inside one statement afta Archie die, Barts Health NHS Trust say: “Members of im family dey for im bedside and our thoughts and heartfelt condolences remain wit dem for dis difficult time.

“Di trust go like to thank di medical, nursing and support staff for di paediatric intensive care department wey look afta Archie.”

Di trust say staff bin provide “high quality care wit extraordinary compassion” “trying and difficult circumstances”.

“Dis tragic case no only affect di family and im carers but touch di hearts of many across di kontri” di trust add.

Andrea Williams, chief executive of di Christian Legal Centre, wey dey support di family case, say: “Our thoughts, prayers and support dey wit Archie family for dis tragic moment.”