ASUU strike update today: FG no fit borrow money to end di industrial action – Keyamo

Di Minister of State for Labour and Employment, Festus Keyamo, don tok say e dey unrealistic for federal goment to borrow money to end ASUU strike.

Keyamo tok for one interview wit Channels TV say e no possible to blackmail goment to borrow N1.2 trillion for overheads wen goment total income go be about N6.1 trillion.

“You no fit allow one sector of di economy to hold your jugular and den blackmail you to go and borrow N1.2 trillion for overheads wen our total income go be about N6.1 trillion and you get roads to build, health centres to build, oda sectors to take care of, critical infrastructure to take care of?”, e tok.

Di Minister ask parents across di kontri to beg ASUU make dem go back to class while di efforts to resolve di crisis dey go on.

Oga Keyamo add say “di proposal wey ASUU dey tok about be N1.2 trillion, meanwhile even dia former N412 billion wey we bin dey pay be 50 percent of di total wage structure of di federal goment wey ASUU dey take alone before, now dem dey say N1.2 trillion”.

“Like di president say di oda time, those wey sabi dem, appeal to dia sense of patriotism,” e add.

“Let dem go back to classes. no be only dem dey Nigeria. Dem no be di only ones wey dey feed from di federal purse. Di nation no fit grind to halt sake of say we want to take care of di demands of ASUU.”

Oda news about di strike

Meanwhile Kaduna state Govnor, Nasir El-Rufai some days ago tell im state university lecturers make dem return to class sake of dem no suppose dey solidarity strike wit ASUU.

But dii Academic staff union of universities, Kaduna state university, (KASU) branch tok say dem go carry out disciplinary action on dia members wey resume work after Govnor Nasir El-Rufai threaten dem with sack.

Lecturers for Nigeria don dey on strike for six month now afta dem waka comot from classroom on February 14 2022 unto say federal goment no keep to dia word regarding dia 2009 agreement wey both parties sign.

Kaduna state Govnor El-Rufai appear for video few days ago wia e threaten di striking lecturers with sack if dem no resume.

According to di govnor, lecturers of di state university get no business with di strike since Kaduna goment no get problem with dem regarding payment or anytin. E add say e see no reason why KASU go do solidarity with federal university lecturers in detriment to dia students.

Dr Abubakar Abdullahi na one of di ASUU ogas for Kaduna state university and e tell BBC Pidgin say di threats by Govnor El-Rufai no dey move dem as dem go still continue with di strike until dia national body state odawise.

Di welfare chairmo add say dem dey aware say some lecturers don resume work and dey supervise exams and dem go take necessary disciplinary action.

“We dey aware say some lecturers don resume but most of dem no be ASUU members so na lecturers wey dey on dia own and we no get case wit dat.”

“But for our own members wey resume, dia must disciplinary action against dem because dem go against our stand.”

Dr Abubakar say contrary to wetin e dey tok, Govnor El-Rufai lack di power to just wake up and sack all di lecturers for KASU.

“E no fit work, e lack di powers to just wake up and sack everybody because processes and procedures dey for dat to happun.”

For dis round of strike, university lecturers down tools for February dis year to press home dia demand wey border on welfare, approval of dia own payment system UTAS instead of di goment own wey be IPPIS.

And den di implementation of di 2009 agreement.

Nigeria ASUU Strike 2009 to 2022 timeline

2022 ASUU Strike

University lecturer begin strike on di 14th of February and later extend am by 8 weeks on di 14th of March, 2022.

2020 ASUU Strike

Di union bin embark on nine-month strike sake of non-payment of allowances to lecturers wey no enrol under di goment payroll system, wey ASUU bin wan replace wit dia own.

2018 ASUU Strike

One three-month strike bin happun sake of poor funding of education and increment of school fees wey goment bin plan.

2017 ASUU Strike

Afta dem sign anoda MoU for September 2017, di union bin suspend dia 36-day strike wey bin happun sake of allegations say goment fail to implement agreement from previous year.

2014 ASUU Strike

One week warning strike bin dey sake of say Nigerian goment no implement di 2009 agreement and one MoU wey dem reach for 2013.

2013 ASUU Strike

University lecturers bin go on strike for about six months as dem demand say make retirement age for professor dey extended to 70 instead of 65, and make goment increase allocation to education from 15% – 20% of di kontri annual budget.

2011 ASUU Strike

2009 agreement wey goment no meet na why di union bin go on a 59-day strike.

2010 ASUU Strike

ASUU bin go on indefinite strike for July 2010 wey last for over five months.

2009 ASUU Strike

Four months strike sake of 2007 agreement wey goment no meet wey involve demand for increase of budgetary allocation to education in Nigeria.