Hamas in Israeli Palestinian conflict updates: UN demand cease fire, Netanyahu defend strike on Gaza Jala high-rise

United Nations Security Council meet on Sunday to discuss Israel-Palestinian conflict.

United Nations dey actively engage all sides to immediately ceasefire, di UN chief don tok.

UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres also say di violence dey disappointing.

As di meeting dey hold, thousands of demonstrators gather for cities across di world to stand in solidarity wit Palestinians.

Demonstrations hold for Iraq, Qatar, US, Spain, France, Lebanon, Kashmir and London for UK.

Meanwhile Israeli Prime Minister don defend why dem detroy di Jala high-rise block on Saturday.

Benjamin Netanyahu say one Palestinian terrorist intelligence office bin dey for di building.

Media houses for Gaza bin get offices for Jala high-rise block.

A Gaza tower block housing news outlets was destroyed in an Israeli strike on Saturday
The British Broadcasting Corporation

He add say na legitimate target because di office bin dey plan to attack Israeli civilians at dat time.

Egypt open dia Rafah border crossing to Palestinians today.

Na to allow students from Gaza, pipo wey need medical treatment.

Hamas in Israeli Palestinian conflict updates:

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Palestinians dey inspect one destroyed house, after Israeli strikes hit Gaza City, May 16, 2021

E go also permit oda humanitarian cases to enta dia kontri.

Dem bin dey plan to open am tomorrow but later decide to do am sharperly.

Dis na sake of increase in violence between Israeli and Palestinians.