‘As I no travel go abroad go run, my pikin don do am for us’ – Tobi Amusan parents react to victory

Tobi Amusan

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Parents of Nigerian Hundred Metres Hurdler Oluwatobiloba Amusan dey happy as dia daughter set world record for athletics. 

Tobi Amusan win di 100 metres women’s Hurdles event for di Commonwealth Games wey dey happun for Birmingham, England.  

She set new Games Record of 12.30 seconds to win Gold medal for Nigeria on Sunday morning.

Amusan bin win her first ever worldwide title and medal for di 100metres hurdle of di semi-finals on Sunday.

Her parents Mr and Mrs Amusan tell BBC Pidgin say dem neva still forget di happiness and joy wey di family get afta she win gold and set new world record for di World Athletics Championships.

She become di first Nigerian to win gold for di World Championships for Eugene, USA.

‘Wen your pikin succeed, your joy no get boundary’

Tobi Amusan set new world record

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Papa Tobi recall im experience dat night wen Tobi win di World Championship  Gold medal.

E tell BBC Pidgin say im no sleep well  dat night becos im wan watch as Tobi go run.

” Wen Tobi run for di World Championships, I say I must stay awake to watch my pikin, small sleep catch me sake of di time difference but no be beta sleep. 

As a parent wen your pikin succeed, your joy no go get any boundary, we sing, we dance, we praise God and we give all di glory to God, no so e happun, we happy well well no be small.” 

E add say im know say day like dis go come wen she go shine like star. 

Tobi Papa say dem no build Rome for one day. Afta all di first episode wey im try to tell her wetin to do and wetin not to do,

Oga Amusan say im pikin tell am say she no go grow up to be ordinary street runner, afta dat time, im believe say di only tin im fit give her na to support her. 

“Afta we support her, I believe say one day she go become a vessel, and true-true di day come and e dey marvellous for our eyes, and to God be di glory, no be by our own making wey e happun and Tobi power na God do am”

‘Challenges plenti but na God do am for us’ – Madam Amusan

Tobi Amusan

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Tobi Mama, Madam Amusan tok about di challenges Tobi face wen she dey grow and how she support her as a mother.

“I just dey encourage her to finish her studies along wit di sporting activities, I no wan go beyond di boundary wey her papa don give her, and she do am, den her fada come down to her level come draw her ear say make she make sure say she no abandon her studies sake of sports.

Di pipo wey hear of Tobi success start to congratulate us, pipo no too come our house ske of di security situation for di kontri. Na phone calls and messages na im we dey respond to and we appreciate allof dem.

“Di challenges plenti o, but God dey for our side and Tobi side too, as wey allow her to do sports, na God do am.

Di challenges plenti but her success don cover all di challenges.”

Madam Amusan na sprinter, during her active days, she compete for Relay races and di sprints.

She be Games Prefect for her Primary and Secondary school, as she reach Grade Two for Teachers Training College (TTC) dem tell her say if she go for sports at di expense of her studies for class and if I fail she go repeat di class, so becos of di warning , she no show her talent well well for di school.

“On day one of our athletes no dey available for our Inter-House sports for TTC, dem come dey find replacement, I tell dem say make dem allow me try becos dem no know say I be athlete at all, as I run for di Inter-House sports I win, na fom dia dem know me.

As I no go abroad go run , my pikin Tobi don go and e make us happy well well” She tok.

‘Wen God say na your time, na your time’

E first be like say di odds bin dey against her running career from di beginning.

For interview wit BBC, Tobi bin open up on di challenges she bin face before she break world record.

“Both my parents na teachers, dem be strict disciplinarians,” Amusan tell BBC Sport Africa.

“When you grow up for dat kain family, they feel say you suppose focus on school. And being a girl, dem tink say you go go astray, lose focus and all of dat.

“But becos my mama see wetin I no bin see mysef, she bin feel say she fit give me a chance. And she continue to tell me make I no disappoint her.

“My mama go tell my papa say I dey go church while I go sneak go practice or tell am say I dey go school for debate while I go for out-of-state competition. Na dia I begin. 

“My dad bin really mad one time wen im find out [I dey run]. Im burn all my training gear and tell my mama say dat na di last time wey im wan s see me for stadium.” 

Fast forward several years, and tears of joy flow freely as Amusan stand on top step of di podium for Hayward Field on a historic day for Nigeria, wey see dem play di kontri national anthem for di World Athletics Championships for di first time ever.

“E neva sink yet, maybe di magnitude of wetin just happun go hit me later,” she tok.

“I go out dia and put 100% in every championship and e no just ever dey enough. Every time na number four position finish.

“Den dis time my 100% no only be gold medal but na world record. Trusting myself just make everytin easier. I dey thankful to di man above for keeping me healthy. When God say na your time, na your time.”

Wetin to know about Tobi Amusan

Tobi Amusan

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Oluwatobiloba Amusan na Nigerian Hurdler.

Dem born her on April 23, 1997 and she from Ijebu-Ode.

She dey school for University of Texas, afta she finish from Our Lady of  Apostles Secondary school, Ijebu-Ode.

She finish 4th for di 2020 Tokyo Olympics and she just set new African record.

She be Nigeria National Champion and currently rank No 2 for di world.

She don win plenti Gold medals for Nigeria, especially for di Commonwealth Games.

African Games and di African Championships both for Relay.

Tobi Amusan Stats for Athletics

Tobi Amusan currently be one of di top for Women’s 100m Hurdles world ranking.

However for di Women’s overall athletics ranking she be number 21, according to di International Association of Athletics Federation.

Di 25-year old don be World Champion, Diamond League final winner, and Commonwealth Games winner.

She don also end for di Top 8 of world championships.

Di Nigerian runner be two time All African Games winner as well as two times African champion.

She don gbab her first Commonwealth Games Bronze medal as well as win twice for Diamond League meeting. 

She be NCAA Champion and en top 8 for di World U20 Championships, she be African Junior champion. 

Amusan also dey for di Top 8 for di World (Continental) Cup.

IAAF report say Amusan bin contest for her first major competition at di age of 16 for di Donetsk IAAF World Youth Championships for Ukraine.

She bin run di 200 metre race, as well as, di Medley relay.

Howeva, her first move for athletics bin happun for Port Harcourt, Rivers State, Nigeria wia she bin contest for di AFN Golden League Meeting for April, 2012.

She bin compete for di Long Jump at place 5th with 916 score.

Ova her career, she don do Hurdles, 100, 200, 300 and 400 metre races as well as relay and long jump competitions.