Afghanistan Taliban conflict: Afghan ministers ‘prepare for peaceful transfer of power’

Afghan conflict

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Many Afghans wey don bin escape from di fighting run away go take refuge for Kabul

Di acting Afghan interior minister don tok inside one video, wey local outlet Tolo TV broadcast, say dem go “peacefully transfer power” to transitional government.

Im say Kabul no go come under attack.

Di Associated Press news agency, quote one Afghan official, wey tok say Taliban negotiators dey head to di presidential palace to prepare for “transfer” of power.

Di Taliban earlier tok say dem bin instruct fighters to wait for di city gates.

Di Taliban move closer to retake full control of Afghanistan, as na only di capital Kabul now be di major city wey dey di goment hand.

Report wey dey reach us now, say Di Taliban don even reach Kabul and di presidential palace tweet say dem hear gunshots for some points around Kabul but di security forces remain in control.

On Sunday di militants take control of Jalalabad, one key eastern city, without any fight.

Dis na afta di seizure of di goment northern bastion of Mazar-i-Sharif just one day earlier.

Di quick-quick collapse of goment forces don leave President Ashraf Ghani under serious pressure to resign.

President Ashraf now dey face one serious choice of weda to surrender or fight to hold di capital.

Meanwhile, America don begin pack dia members of staff from dia embassy inside Kabul. On Sunday morning, US carry dia staff go airport wia dem don dey enta six big military transport planes.

America don send 5,000 troops to help with di operation.

President Joe Biden don defend im decision to increase di US withdrawal from Afghanistan, e tok say e no fit justify di “endless American presence for di middle of anoda kontri civil conflict”.

Wetin happen for Jalalabad?

Reports on Sunday morning say di Taliban overpower di city, di capital of Nangarhar province, without any gun shot.

“No clash happun right now for Jalalabad because di governor don surrender to di Taliban,” one local Afghan official tell Reuters news agency.

“To allow passage to di Taliban na di only way to save civilian lives.”

Journalist Tariq Ghazniwal tweet images wey show di provincial governor as e dey hand over control to di Taliban.

Di capture of Jalalabad mean say di Taliban don secure di roads wey connect di kontri with Pakistan.

Dis dey happun hours afta Mazar-i-Sharif – di capital of Balkh province and fourth-largest city inside Afghanistan – also fall for di hand of di Taliban without any fight.

Abas Ebrahimzada, one lawmaker from Balkh, tell di Associated Press news agency say di national army na di first to surrender, and dis come make di pro-goment forces and oda militia to give up.

Di Taliban now control 23 of 34 provincial capitals.

Wetin dey happen for Kabul?

More than two hundred and fifty pipo na im no get houses to stay sake of di fighting and many don run go hide for Kabul.

Some of dem wey run go areas wey di Taliban dey control tok say militants for there dey demand make families hand over unmarried girls and women to become wives for dia fighters.

Muzhda, wey be 35 years old and she be single woman wey run from Parwan go Kabul with her two sisters, tok say she go take her own life than to allow Taliban force her to marry.

“I dey cry day and night,” she tell AFP news agency.

Women from di areas wey Taliban don seize also describe how di militant dey force dem to wear burka – dat na veils wey dey cover di face and body.

Report also say di militants dey beat pipo for breaking social rules.

President Ashraf Ghani: ”The reintegration of the security and defence forces is our priority”
The British Broadcasting Corporation

“God forbid we no go see war in Kabul,” city resident Sayed Akbar, wey be 53 years old, tell di New York Times. “Pipo for here don pass through 40 years of sorrows. Na pipo bones dem take build di roads wey we dey waka on today.

Abdullah, wey be 17-year-old, tell AFP news agency say im and e family bin run comot from di northern city of Kunduz afta di Taliban seize am and now dem dey sleep under one tent for Kabul park.

E add say dem byforce im and oda youths for Kunduz to dey carry rocket-propelled grenades and oda munitions for di militants.

Afghan conflict

Afghan police tanda for checkpoints inside Kabul

Kabul residents don form long queues for banks to try to withdraw dia savings. Report say some branches don already run out of money.

Report also come about one riot for Pul-e-Charkhi prison wey dey di outskirts of di capital. Local residents say dem hear gunfire from di facility.

For one pre-recorded TV address on Saturday, President Ashraf Ghani tok say dia number one focus na to re-gada Afghan armed forces to prevent more destruction and displacement of pipo.

Di speech dey come as some pipo dey spread rumour say President Ghani fit dey about to announce im resignation.