Indonesia football stampede and eight oda times pipo die for stadium incident

At least 174 pipo don die inside crush wey happun for one Indonesian football match wey don become one of di world worst stadium disasters.

About 180 also injure afta home team Arema FC loss to dia bitter rivals for di overcrowded stadium late on Saturday for Malang, East Java.

Di crush happun afta police tear-gas fans wey run enta di pitch.

As panic spread, thousands move towards Kanjuruhan stadium exit dem, na for dia many suffocate.

At least 129 pipo don die for one stampede for one Indonesian football match, officials tok.

One eyewitness tell BBC say police bin fire plenti tear gas rounds “continuously and fast” afta di situation with fans become “tense”.

Di kontri chief security minister tok say di number of pipo wey come watch di match pass di capacity of di stadium by around 4,000 people.

Videos show fans dey run on to di pitch afta di final whistle.

Police kon fire tear gass wey lead to crowd stampede and cases of suffocation, Nico Afinta wey be police chief for East Java tok.

“Di mata become anarchy. Dey start to dey attack officers, dem damage cars,” e tok, and add say two police officers dey among pipo wey die.

“We go like tok say… no be all of dem act anyhow. Only about 3,000 wey enta di pitch,” e tok.

Fans wey dey run “go out to one point for di exit. Den build-up kon dey, for di process of accumulation shortness of breath dey, lack of oxygen”, e add.

Videos on social media show fans dey climb di fences to escape. Oda videos appear to show deadi bodi for ground.

Indonesia football stampede

Police try to stop fans wey invade di pitch
Indonesia football stampede

Getty Images
Police bin fire tear gas and e lead to crowd stampede and cases of suffocation

Fifa, wey be di world governing football body, tok say make stewards or police no use “crowd control gas” for matches.

Di Indonesian football association (PSSI) say dem don launch investigation, and dem add say di incident don “tarnish di face of Indonesian football”.

Violence for football matches no dey new for Indonesia, and Arema FC and Persebaya Surabaya na long-time rivals.

Dem ban Persebaya Surabaya fans from buying tickets for di game sake of fear of clashes.

But Chief Security Minister Mahfud MD bin post on Instagram say 42,000 tickets don dey sold for di match for Kanjuruhan stadium, wey get capacity of 38,000.

Di top league BRI Liga 1 don dey suspended for one week.

Di stampede na di latest for long line of disasters for stadiums.

Oda football stampede incident wey kill pipo

  • Peru stampede kill 320 pipo

For 1964, total of 320 pipo die and more dan 1,000 injure during one stampede for Peru-Argentina Olympic qualifier for Lima, wey be capital of Peru.

  • Stampede kill 96 for UK

For UK, 96 Liverpool fans dey crushed to death for 1989 for di Hillsborough Stadium for Sheffield.

  • Kenya football stampede kill seven pipo

For October 2010, one stampede among football supporters for Kenya kill at least seven pipo as dem try to get into stadium to watch match between two of di kontri most popular teams.

One Red Cross official say six of di fans die for di Nyayo National Stadium for Nairobi and di last one later die for hospital.

  • Deadly stampede for Kinshasa football match kill 15 pipo

For May 2014, fifteen pipo die for one football stampede for one football final for Kinshasa, capital of di Democratic Republic of Congo, officials tok.

Di kasala start towards di end of di game wen di home team AS Vita bin dey lose 0-1 to TP Mazembe.

Di home fans begin to throw stones on to di pitch.

Police kon fire teargas to try and stop dem, and di crowd panic and kon begin to push towards one exit.

Anoda 10 pipo dey injured as pipo dey crushed for di pandemonium.

  • Angola stadium stampede for Uige kills 17

At least 17 pipo die for one stampede for one football stadium for northern Angolan city of Uige for February 2017.

Hundreds of pipo also injure wen supporters storm di gates afta dem fail to gain entry.

Some of di pipo wey fall bin dey trapped and suffocate for di venue, one medical official tok.

Witnesses tok say di crowd wey dey try to gain access fit don fill di stadium beyond di 8,000 capacity.

Santa Rita de Cassia bin dey host Recreativo do Libolo for first division league match.

  •  Malawi football stadium stampede kill eight pipo

Eight pipo – including seven children – die for one stampede ahead of one football match for Malawi for July 2017.

Dozens of pipo also injure for di crush for Bingu national stadium for Lilongwe.

Di stampede happun as thousands of pipo rush for seats ahead of one friendly between top sides Nyasa Big Bullets and Silver Strikers.

Despite di deaths, di match bin go ahead and pipo plenty, although President Peter Mutharika no attend as im bin plan.

Im offer im condolences and tok say di goment go do everytin dem fit do to assist di families of pipo wey die.

  • Angolan stadium kill five pipo

For September 2017, five football fans die for one African Champions League tie for Angola.

Di incident happun for Luanda as Primeiro de Agosto draw 0-0 wit TP Mazembe of DR Congo for di first leg of one Champions League quarter-final.

Witnesses tok say di stampede happun afta fans see say di gates of di Estádio 11 de Novembro stadium dey shut afta di match.

Wen police open di gates, fans bin rush out and some of dem bin dey trampled under police horses.

  • Cameroon stadium stampede kill eight pipo

At least eight pipo die inside stampede wey happun for Olembe stadium as dem bin dey play Africa Cup of Nations match for Cameroon for January 2022.

Several odas also injure for di stampede.

Di pipo wey die include one 14-year-old boy and seven pipo wey seriously injure.

Cameroon President Paul Biya bin order investigation into di crush and send im “deepest condolences” to di victims’ families.

One video footage show as football fans bin dey struggle dey scream as dem dey crush dem for di entrance to di Paul Biya stadium for di neighbourhood of di capital Yaoundé.

Indonesia football stampede

Police vehicles wey dem damage for Kanjuruhan stadium

Wetin dey cause di stampede?

If we use previous stampede incidents take judge di mata, di major factor wey dey cause di stampede na fear among football fans afta police fire tear gas sake of unruly behaviour of some fans wey run enta pitch.

Wen police fire tear gass, pipo dey run helter-skelter and some of dem dey suffocate and fall for ground while pipo go begin crush dem.