Bishop Oyedepo: Man rush drag Winners chapel general overseer as e dey preach

Drama happen as one man invade di altar wen Bishop David Oyedepo, di Founder of Winners chapel dey preach.

One video wey don go viral on top social media show wia di man run enta di altar go meet di preacher.

Na church security and protocol officials of Bishop Oyedepo stop di man wey don almost drag di preacher for leg, di video show.

Di incident hapen for di church headquarters for Canaan Land, Ogun state for Southwest Nigeria.

How di man drag Bishop Oyedepo

Di day di incident hapen no clear – di church neva tok anytin about di mata.

But local tori pipo tok say e hapen for early December, 2021.

For inside di video, di man hold di preacher for one of im legs come dey drag am.

E drag Oga Oyedepo wit force wey make di church security quick intervene.

Who be Bishop David Oyedepo

Bishop David Oyedepo na Nigerian preacher, businessman and architect.

Im na indigene of Omu-Aran, Kwara State North central Nigeria.

Im na di general overseer of Living Faith Church Worldwide wey dey popular as Winners Chapel.

E start di church for Kaduna state before e move di headquarters go Canaan land for Ota, Ogun State.

Bishop Oyedepo get wife and children and e dey popular as pesin wey dey tok im mind.