X briefly suspend account of Alexei Navalny widow

Yulia Navalnaya for di Munich Security Conference

Navalnaya fit emerge as opposition figure for her own right

Dem briefly suspend Yulia Navalnaya account on X – formerly Twitter – one day afta she use di platform vow to continue her husband campaign.

On Monday, she bin post one video wia she promise to fight for a “free Russia”, days afta Alexei Navalny death for one Russian prison dey confirmed.

On Tuesday afternoon, her account bin no dey accessible to users for a while.

For inside one statement, X tok say dem “mistakenly” block di account sake of one system “error”.

One post on di site official safety account read: “Our platform defense mechanism against manipulation and spam mistakenly flag @yulia_navalnaya say she violate our rules.

“We unsuspend di account as soon as we notice di error, and we go dey update di defense.”

Ms Navalnaya, wey bin generally keep low profile throughout her late husband campaigning, bin create di account on top X on Monday.

For one video message she post di same day, Ms Navalnaya accuse Russian authorities say dem wait make di traces of di deadly nerve agent Novichok disappear from her husband body before dem release am to im family.

Di Kremlin say di accusation na false and investigation into im death dey ongoing.

Many users bin share di emotional video statement, wey show as her voice dey shake wit grief and anger.

Her account bin gada more dan 100,000 followers since she create am.

According to X guidelines, dem fit suspend accounts for posting spam or abuse, or if di security of account dey at risk.

Meet Yulia Navalnaya di ‘principled and fearless’ widow of Putin opponent Alexei Navalny

Alexei Navalny wife, Yulia don always keep low profile as she insist say her main role na to be wife and mother, no be politician.

But wit her husband death on Friday and her passionate appeal for justice for di Munich Security Conference, she don emerge as one major figure for Russia opposition perhaps by default.

Despite her background role in di past, Ms Navalnaya na ogbonge supporter of her husband, and she bin dey instrumental to get am out of Russia for urgent treatment wen dem poison am wit Novichok nerve agent for 2020.

Dem describe her as di “First Lady” of di Russian opposition.

And Alexei bin tok say im no go fit kontinu im increasingly desperate and one-sided fight against di Kremlin witout her.

Many of dia supporters see dia very public love tori and family life as inspiration – dem get two children.

Watch Yulia Navalnaya tok afta her husband Alexei death
The British Broadcasting Corporation

Dem born Yulia Ambrosimova for Moscow for 1976, she be di daughter of one respected scientist, Boris Ambrosimov.

Yulia na economics graduate, she bin get career for banking but she give up her job to bring up dia two children wen Alexei rise to prominence as opposition politician.

Dem bin meet during one holiday for Turkey for 1998 and marry two years later.

“I no marry promising lawyer or opposition leader. I bin marry one young man wey im name na Alexei,” she tell Russian weekly Sobesednik for 2020.

She always dey im side as e campaign against Putin – weda for political rallies or for im bedside afta Novichok poisoning for 2020.

E be like say Ms Navalnaya quickly share for Alexei politics – for di 2000s, both of dem be members of di liberal Yabloko party.

But she lead a private life until her husband poisoning for 2020, she bin make few public appearances or speeches.

Wen e dey sick and dem carry am go Siberian city of Omsk for August of dat year, she bin write directly to President Putin, and ask am to release her husband for treatment for Germany.

“Evri moment wen we dey dia, na how to get am out I dey tink,” she tell Russian documentary maker Yuri Dud.

Wit di help of one German-based charity, dem help Navalny comot from Russia.

Yulia return wit am to Moscow several months later afta im treatment, dem arrest am immediately afta e well. E spend di rest of im life behind bars.

Alexei and Yulia Nalvany


Former US ambassador to Russia Michael McFaul, wey call Yulia “principled and fearless”, tok say “Navalny no go fit get beta partner in life pass Yulia Navalnaya. She share im convictions, im bravery, im fearlessness,” e tell US network NBC.

“She also don raise and protect dia two children in a way wey don generate deep admiration among supporters of democracy for Russia. Witout question, Yulia save her husband life.”

Ms Navalnaya bin recently tok say she no go follow di path of Svetlana Tikhanovskaya, di exiled Belarus opposition leader wey become presidential candidate afta her husband go jail ahead of di elections in 2020.

Ms Tikhanovskaya dey widely considered to win di vote, wey dem rig in favour of di incumbent, Alexander Lukashenko.

But her speech for Munich and a subsequent address to supporters on social media (in Russian), wey carry emotion, suggest she fit change her mind.

“Wetin we need na free, peaceful and happy Russia. Di wonderful Russia of di future my husband so dream of,” she tok for di video address.

“Dat na di kontri I wan build togeda wit you. Di kontri wey Alexei Navalny imagine,” she continue.

“Dat na di only way – no oda – in which di unthinkable sacrifice e make, no go dey in vain.”