Weah accept say im don lose Liberia election as e congratulate Boakai

Liberian President George Weah don call im challenger for di presidential race, Joseph Boakai, to congratulate am on im victory.

For one address to di nation, e bin say “di Liberian pipo don tok and we don hear dia voice”.

Di opposition candidate hold one safe lead of 28,000 votes wit nearly all ballots counted.

One former football star, President Weah don dey power since 2018. E go step down for January.

E bin enta di job ontop one wave of eagerness, especially from younger voters, e bin win dat election – also against Oga Boakai – by one large margin.

But one belief say e don fail to tackle corruption, increase for price and kontinu economic kasala bin tarnish im image.

Oga Weah dey big-hearted for defeat, wen e begin im five-minute address e tok say e get “di utmost respect for di democratic process wey don define our nation”, e add say e don tok to Oga Boakai wey e call di “president-elect”.

Earlier di electoral commission bin announce say Oga Boakai, one 78-year-old political veteran get 50.89% of di votes, while President Weah get 49.11%.

Di president refer to di closeness of di race e say e “reveal one deep division within our kontri” and call on Liberians to “work togeda to find common ground… unity na key for mama Liberia”.

One long period of civil war wey one estimated 250,000 pipo die bin end just 20 years ago.

Pipo hold campaign poster

Joseph Boakai supporters bin come out to di street of Monrovia earlier as dem convince say e don win

Wen di latest set of results dey announced earlier on Friday, dey bin spark celebrations for di capital, Monrovia.

Oga Boakai supporters gada for im party headquarters for di city, as dem dey convinced say e don win di election.

Dey bin call for President Weah to go, and chant “we beat di Buga dancer” – dem dey refer to one song wey dey associated wit im campaign.

Di electoral commission say dem don announce di results from 99.58% of di polling stations following Tuesday run-off election.

Woman dancing

Oga Boakai supporters gada for im party headquarters for Monrovia

Di run-off between Oga Boakai and OgaWeah dey triggered afta neither candidate bin get more dan 50% of di vote for di last month first round. E bin get 18 oda candidates.

For dat vote, di president bin get di largest share and be just 7,000 votes ahead of Oga Boakai.

Di poll be di tightest presidential contest for Liberia since di civil war.

Oga Boakai campaign bin focus on di need to rescue di nation from wetin e call “mismanagement” by Oga Weah administration.

Di president bin dismiss Oga Boakai allegations, e say e don make ogbonge strides, including introducing free tuition for university students.

Dis na di fourth time wey presidential election don take place since di war end.

Observers from di regional bloc, Ecowas, see di run-off as largely peaceful, AFP tori pipo report.

But e bin get separate incidents wey lead to “injuries and hospitalisations” for di provinces of Lofa, Nimba, Bong and Montserrado, observers tok.