Appeal court confam tribunal judgement wey sack Kano state Govnor Abba Yusuf

Tribunal bin sack Govnor Yusuf and order INEC to give APC candidate Gawuna certificate of return

Govnor Abba Kabir Yusuf and APC candidate Gawuna go know dia fate today

Appeal court don sack di incumbent Govnor of Kano State, Abba Yusuf wey dem elect under di New Nigeria Peoples Party, NNPP.

Di three man panel wey Justice M.A Adumeh lead for di judgement on Friday 17 November say di NNPP govnor sake of say im name no dey for di party register, therefore im no dey qualified to contest di election under a party wey im no be member.

Court also tok say dem no sponsor am properly.

All eye bin dey di court of appeal for Abuja to today give judgement on di appeal by Kano state Govnor Abba Kabir Yusuf wey dey challenge di elections tribunal ruling wey cancel im victory for di 2023 govnorship election for di state.

Na for September Kano state governorship election petition tribunal remove Yusuf as govnor of Kano state, Northwest Nigeria declaring say di All Progressive Congress (APC) candidate Nasiru Gawuna na im win di election.

For days now, na only di court of appeal judgement mata dey for pipo mouth across di state as many pipo dey wait to see how tins go be.

Di Kano Police Command bin release statement wia dem tok say dem don carry out security measures ahead of di judgement to maintain peace and order.

Apart from placing police officers for strategic locations for di state, dem also warn against pipo coming togeda to spoil di peace of di state before or afta di judgement.

Kano state goment through di Commissioner of Information Halilu Dantiye also advise pipo to be law abiding as some pipo fit take advantage to cause trouble.

For March 2023, Inec declare Yusuf, candidate of NNPP winner and return am elected, afta dem say e poll 1,019,602 votes to defeat Gawuna of di APC wey score 890,705 votes.

Wetin happun for appeal court?

Di court room bin dey fill up wit party supporters and politicians.

Di three-member panel wey Justice M.A Adumeh lead hold say Yusuf name no dey for di membership register of im political party, New Nigeria Peoples Party (NNPP).

E quote section of di electoral act wey tok say party must get di names of dia registered members for both hard and soft copies.

Im also add say Abba Yusuf no argue or resist di allegation dem sama for im head.

“If you claim say you be member of a party e no dey logical to tok am by yourself instead of pesin to tok am for you proxy?” di judge ask.

Im tok say Section 134 of di electoral act give di court power to entertain an averment on di qualification of a candidate for election.

Justice Adumeh say di court no go fit allow political parties to do anyhow.

Constitution dey supreme and binding on evribodi including political parties.

“Political parties no dey permitted to bypass di clear and mandatory provision of di constitution. To contest any election, you no only need to be a member of a party but di party need to sponsor you too.

The electoral act make am mandatory say a party must keep a register of e members and give INEC before any election.” E tok.

E go on further to say: “Abba bin no be member of im party by di time di party purportedly sponsor am. Im bin no dey qualified to contest for di election.

Court must dey consistent wit dia judgment”

Im add say di tribunal dey wrong as dem no disqualify Abba Yusuf for dia ruling.

Celebration full evriwia as supports of APC jubilate afta di judgement.

Wetin happun for Tribunal?

On September 20 2023 di election tribunal wey chook eye for di Kano state govnorship election for dia judgement tok say make di Independent National electoral commission (Inec) withdraw di certificate of return dem issue Govnor Yusuf of and give same to Gawuna.

APC and dia govnorship candidate Nasiru Gawuna bin challenge di victory of Govnor Yusuf of di New Nigeria Peoples Party (NNPP) for di 18 March 2023 elections.

Di three-man panel WEY Justice Oluyemi Akintan-Osadebay lead tok say 165,663 votes from oga Yusuf total votes dey invalid.

Dem also say di ballot papers no dey stamped or signed diafore dem dey invalid – so dem reduce di number of votes of di NNPP candidate by 165,663.

Last bus stop for pesin wey lose?

Barrister Hasiya Imam na legal practitioner wey dey stay Kano and she tok say pesin wey lose today get right to appeal di judgement for di Supreme Court wey be do highest court for di land.

“You know say for govnorship and presidential elections, candidate get liberty to carry dia mata reach Supreme Court so if today judgement no favour any of di candidates, e get right to take am forward.”

“So for Supreme court just like Appeal, dem no go waste time na just two sittings for dem to look wetin happun before and give dia own judgement.”

How Bauchi case waka

Meanwhile di appeal court also uphold di election of Govnor Bala Mohammed of di Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, for Bauchi state as dem dismiss di petition of di appellant Abubakar Sadiq Baba of di All Progressives Congress, APC.

Di appeal court resolve all di five issues wey im bring against Inec and Bala Mohammed.

Di three-man panel wey Justice Chidiebere Uwa lead tok say di appellant no fit prove all di allegation e sama ontop inec and Bala Mohammed head.

Di allegations na:

  • Make dem cancel di election as Inec no follow electoral act and guidelines.
  • Say corruption and mago-mago full di election.
  • Say Bala Mohammed no get di highest lawful votes.

Court tok say out of di ten witnesses dem bring, only two dey under oath and di remaining eight say dem no vote for di election and di ones wey vote no even vote for di polling units wey dem allege say mago-mago dey.

Di documents dem present to court, dem no label am and dem no also bring witnesses to tok about dem. court no go fit dey sort documents for dem.