Nelson Mandela granddaughter die of cancer at di age of 43

Zoleka Mandela, granddaughter of South Africa first democratically elected President Nelson Mandela, don die of cancer at di age of 43.

She die for Monday evening as friends and family surround am, one tok-tok pesin tok.

In recent years, Ms Mandela dey well known for detailing her cancer treatment. She bin also dey open about her history of drug addiction.

Di Nelson Mandela Foundation tok say her work dey inspirational.

Dem tok say she bin raise “awareness about cancer prevention” as well as “breaking down di stigma surrounding di disease”.

Ms Mandela also speak about her struggles wit depression and di fact say she bin don dey sexually abused as as pikin.

In addition, she bin campaign for beta road safety afta her 13-year-old daughter die for one car accident for 2010. She later lose her son wey she born prematurely. She get four pikin.

Ms Mandela, wey be di granddaughter of Nelson Mandela second wife, Winnie, document her tori for her autobiography When Hope Whispers.

Dem diagnose am wit breast cancer at di age of 32, she receive treatment and she bin dey in remission but di sickness later return.

Last year, she confam say she bin get cancer for her liver and lungs, di tin don spread to oda organs. Dem bin dey treat am as outpatient but dem admit am to hospital just ova one week ago.

“Wetin I go tell my pikin dem? How I go tell dem say dis time around I fit no get to live my life as survivor? How I go tell dem evri tin go dey OK wen e no dey OK? I dey die… I no wan die,” she bin post on Instagram early last month.

For one interview wit Kaya FM for April, Ms Mandela tok: “I dey learn to dey okay wit my eventuality.”

Di announcement generate reaction on social media, and na for di announcement pipo dey live dia tributes.

“Utterly tragic loss of a human being wey bin follow her grandfather footsteps. Na decent, honest human being wey dey for dis dishonest, hypocritical world,” one pesin tok for X, former Twitter.

“You be one of di bravest pipo I know and you inspire many pipo on your life journey of hope,” anoda pesin write on Instagram below di Mandela family announcement.

Ms Mandela na only 10 wen dem release her grandfather from prison for 1990 afta 27 years for detention.

She only know am as man wey dey prison, so wen dem release am, she just dey excited say im dey come house.

Oga Mandela die for 2013 at di age of 95.