How crocodiles attack and kill President of farmers association

One crocodile farmer for northern Cambodia don die afta about 40 of di reptiles tear am into pieces afta im fall inside dia cage, local police tok.

Luan Nam, aged 72, bin dey try to move one of di egg-laying animals out of im cage wen e grab di farmer stick wit im mouth, pull am in, police tok.

“Oda crocodiles pounce, attack am until e die,” police chief Mey Savry tell di AFP news agency.

Di incident happun near di city of Siem Reap on Friday.

Dem recover Oga Nam body wit bite marks and one of im arms dey miss, Oga Savry tok.

Di victim be di president of di local crocodile farmers’ association.

Dem dey breed di animals for dia eggs, skin and meat for di south-east Asian nation.

For 2019, for one similar farm for di area, crocodiles bin kill and eat one two-year-old girl close to di world-famous Angkor Wat temple.

Oda crocodile attacks wey gada reactions.

Authorities find body of Australian fisherman inside crocodile

Earlier in May, authorities bin find di remains of one Australian man wey vanish while e dey catch fish with im friends inside one crocodile.

Dem last see Kevin Darmody for Kennedy’s Bend – wey be saltwater crocodile habitat wey pipo sabi wella for one remote part of northern Queensland – on Saturday.

Afta one two-day search of di area, police find human body parts afta dem kill two big crocodiles painlessly.

Dem never identify di remains yer, but police say na “tragic ending” to di search for di 65-year-old.

Oga Darmody na experienced fisherman and e be well-known member of di community for Cape York.

Dem shoot dead di two crocodiles, wey measure 4.1m (13.4 ft) and 2.8m in length, on Monday about 1.5 km (0.9 miles) from wia dem last sight am.

Authorities find human remains inside only one of di reptiles, but wildlife officers believe say both of dem involve for di incident.

Di fishermen wey dey wit Oga Darmody at di time no see di attack, but report say e hear hear am shout, followed by one loud splash of water.

“I run down dia‚Ķ but I no see any sign of am, just im slippers on di bank and notin else,” im friend John Peiti tell Cape York Weekly.

Crocodile kill pastor wey dey do baptism

Crocodile kill one Protestant pastor wey bin dey baptise im followers near one lake for northern Ethiopia for 2018.

Police and pipo wey dey live for di area confam di incident give BBC Amharic.

About 80 pipo bin dey baptise wen Pastor Docho Eshete die on Sunday morning, for lake for Arba Minch town Merkeb Tabya district.

“Im baptise di first pesin, come go anoda pesin. From nowhere, crocodile jump out of di lake grab di pastor,” Ketema Kairo wey dey live for di area tell BBC.

Pipo and fishermen try dia best to save Pastor Docho but dem no fit, policeman Eiwnetu Kanko tok.

“Na only im deadi bodi dem find…Dem no fit save am,” Eiwnetu add.