Trump raise alarm over planned arrest on Tuesday

Former US President Donald Trump dey tok for inside mic for one event for di Adler Theatre

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Former US President Donald Trump

Former US President Donald Trump say im dey expect arrest on Tuesday for inside one case on top alleged ‘hush’ money wey e pay to one ex-porn star.

Hush money na money wey dem pay pesin make im keep quiet.

Oga Trump don ask im supporters to protest against such move for inside one post on im Truth Social platform.

One of oga Trump lawyers say im claim na based on media reports wey say dem fit arrest am next week.

If oga Trump dey charged, e go be di first criminal case dem go ever bring against a former US president.

E go also get serious setback on im campaign to become di Republican nominee for president for di 2024 presidential election.

For five years, prosecutors for New York bin don dey investigate accuse say pesin pay one former porn star, Stormy Daniels money on behalf of oga Trump bifor di 2016 presidential election.

Ms Daniels say oga Trump former lawyer Michael Cohen pay her $130,000 (£107,000) bifor di 2016 election in exchange for silence on top one alleged affair.

Oga Trump bin deny say dem get any sexual relations and say di case dey politically motivated.

Foto of Stormy Daniel for 2018

Oga Trump deny say im get any affair wit Stormy Daniels

Dis na one of di several cases dem dey investigate di 76-year-old for, although dem neva charge am for any of dem and e don deny all di accuse.

On Saturday oga Trump write on im social networking site Truth Social say “illegal leaks” from di Manhattan district attorney office “indicate” say dem go arrest am on Tuesday.

“Since dis na political prosecution, di district attorney office don engage for one practice wia dem dey leak everything to press, instead of make dem communicate wit President Trump attorneys as e dey happun for normal case,” she tok.

US media organisations say law enforcement agencies for New York dey prepare to indict the former president and fit happun as early as next week.

Signs show say di Stormy Daniels case dey progress wen earlier dis month, oga Trump dey invited to testify to a grand jury – wey dey determine weda enough evidence dey to pursue charges for case.

Di hearings dey happun for secret, and several former aides of Mr Trump don reportedly testify for dis case.

Experts suggest say di offer to testify show say e fit face criminal charges soon – but e neva clear wetin dis fit be.

Oga Trump arrest claim dey come as police and security officials for New York dey prepare for di possibility say dem fit arrest am and im fit appear for one Manhattan courtroom.

According to di Associated Press, law enforcement officials dey consider di practicalities of taking a former president into court, including questions around security.

Another lawyer for oga Trump, Joseph Tacopina, tell news agency “we go follow di normal procedures” if dem indict am.