How flood flush out hundreds of deadi body for Niger state cemetery

Floods destroy more dan 1,500 graves for one cemetery for central Nigerian town of Mariga, Niger state.

Di flood sweep away more dan 500 graves just last week.

Alhassan Musa Na’ibi wey be chief imam of di town, tell BBC say dem don rebury about 1,000 decomposed bodies.

Di floods come afta days of heavy rain for di area.

Di imam say di cemetery never experience dis kain tin before since dem build am 500 years ago.

Tori be say di cemetery dey near one river.

Residents say recent gold mining activities near di cemetery also make am worse – as di ground now don dey weak.

Dis na di worst wave of flooding Nigeria don experience in ten years.

Di flood affect 29 out of 36 states.

Since di end of July, more dan 300 pipo don die sake of di flood and more dan 100,000 odas dey displaced from dia communities.

Bridges and large area of farmland also dey destroyed.

Authorities say more floods dey expected in di coming weeks as heavy rains continue.

Wetin goment tok about di flood

For di recent Northern govnors meeting wey happun for Gombe state last week, di govnors table di mata of flood for di region.

Di Forum, express dia concern about di ogbonge effect of flood wey don destroy homes and livelihood including road infrastructures.

Dem call on federal goment as a mata of urgency to direct dia relevant agencies to immediately deploy all necessary interventions to relieve di situation for di affected areas.

Di Northeast Governors Forum (NEGF), dey made up of  Govnors of Adamawa, Bauchi, Borno Gombe, Taraba and Yobe States.

Di state for north wey flood worry well-well

Di national emergency management agency say:

Jigawa, Kano, Adamawa, Yobe Borno, Taraba, Benue and Niger na di worst hit states for northern Nigeria

Tok-tok pesin for Nema Manzo Ezekiel tell BBC say although flood happun forplaces like Plateau but e no reach di type wey di state above experience.