Iran army say dem go confront ‘enemies’ as protest continue for di kontri

police bike dey burn as Iran pipo continue protest


Iran army on Friday say e go “confront di enemies” to make sure say dem maintain security.

Dis na di toughest warning yet to protesters wey dey do i-no-go-gree all over di kontri sake of di death of one woman wey die for di hand of morality police.

Iran pipo don dey do nationwide prtest sake of di case of Mahsa Amini, 22, wey die d last week afta morality police arrest her for wearing “attire wey no proper”.

Di army say “dis desperate actions na part of di evil strategy of di enemy to weaken di Islamic regime”.

E go “confront di enemies’ different plans in order to make sure say security and peace go dey for di pipo wey dem unjustly assaulted,” e tok.

Di kontri pipo dey plan to do more i-no-go-gree plus goment-support protest on Friday, Iran media tok.

Iran media describe di goment-support protest wey go happun afta Friday prayer as “roar of pipo zeal against rioters”.

Iran religious rulers dey fear revival of di 2019 protests wey bin happun sake of gasoline price increase, di bloodiest protest for di Islamic Republic history. Tori pipo Reuters bin report say 1,500 pipo die for di protest.

For di latest protest, protesters for Tehran and oda cities don burn police stations and vehicles as dem dey para over Amini death no show any sign of ending wit report say security agents dey under attack.

Iran media don report di arrest of 280 rioters on Thursday.

Amini death provoke pipo anger again over issues including restrictions on personal freedoms for Iran – including strict dress codes for women – and economy wey turn upside-down sake of sanctions.