How Nigerian man alegedly kill partner wey im sabi for 30 years and im son for US

One Nigerian, Bolanle Fadairo dey face two charges of murder and tampering wit evidence for United States.

Police for Houston charge Fadairo based on say e allegedly shoot one man dead.

Di victims na 38 year old Michael Essien and im two year-old-son, Micah.

On Thursday, di homicide department of Houston police release di foto of Fadairo.

Houston police investigate

Sergeants M. Burrow and R. Watson say dem respond to call from di parking lot of one business for “5501 El Camino Del Rey Street and see one man dey suffer from multiple gunshot wounds. Paramedics pronounced di victim dead for di scene,” police tok.

Investigators say di victim and Fadairo bin meet for di location and dem bin tok before di shooting happun.

Police say “di victim try run but later collapse for di parking lot. Fadairo enta di victim car, a black Chevrolet Traverse wit paper plates and escape from di scene.

“Later one woman call to report say her husband and two year-old son dey missing. She give us informate about her husband car wey we later see for 5900 block of Elm Street.”

Di officers say dem see di two-year old son of di victim inside di car – “we call officers and Houston Fire Department paramedics to help di boy but dem discover say im don die. Autopsy go reveal wetin kill di boy.”

Dem say investigation identify Bolanle Fadairo as di suspect for di case.

Court grant Fadairo bail

Police for Houston Texas don already carry Bolanle Fadairo go court  wit charges of murder and evidence tampering.

Di accused Lawyer apply for bail bond wey di prosecutor oppose.

But court approve di bail bond sake of pikin wey Fadairo dey take care of.

Court set im bond at more dan $1.5 million – dat na  $750,000 bond for each of di murder charges and a $50,000 bond for tampering wit evidence charge.

Fadairo argue say di money too much becos di accused dey shuttle three work wey dey give am only $15,000 a year but court no gree change am.

Apart from di $1.5 million bond court also order Fadairo;

  • Make e no go close to Essien family members
  • E must stay atleast 200 feet away from Essien family or work
  • Fadairo must not use any drug
  • E must not take alcohol
  • Di suspect must stay within di Harris County.

Essien wife react

Local tori pipo for Houston, KHOU tok to Mabel Essien, wife of di victim and mother of di two year-old wey die.

“My husband – na di best,” she tok

Mabel add say, “anybody wey neva meet am lost di opportunity to meet incredible pesin, nice man, kind man.”