Police arrest Human Rights Activist wey allegedly beat up im orderly wey refuse to do house work

One human rights activist wey also be lawyer, Professor Zainab Duke Abiola don chop arrest on top accuse say she assault one female police officer, Inspector Teju Moses, wey be her orderly.

Di Inspector General of Police Usman Alkali Baba order her arrest plus dat of her domestic staff and one male suspect wey currently don run afta video of how dem allegedly beat di officer go viral.

For inside statement wey di Nigeria Police Force issue, dem accuse Professor Zainab plus some of her domestic staff say dem gada beat di officer sake of say she refuse to carry out menial and domestic works for her house as she claim say e dey against her professional ethics.

Di video wey go viral show as Inspector Teju Moses, inside her police uniform dey bleed, she siddon for floor and dey beg make dem carry her go hospital.

According to di police statement, on di 20th of September 2022, Zainab Duke wey be activist allegedly assault her orderly because she refuse to do domestic chores.

“Zainab Duke, an Mbaise born activist, seriously assault her orderly in company of some accomplices on Tuesday 20th September, 2022 for her residence for  Garki, Abuja, becos she refuse to break professional ethics by carrying out menial and domestic chores for her house.”

Oda tins di IGP tok

Di Inspector-General of Police don order di withdrawal of all Police personnel wey dey attached to di professor.

E express worry say pesin wey claim to be advocate for Human Rights fit stoop so low to violate di rights of another individual, a police officer wey im work na to ensure her protection.

Oga Alkali don direct say make di arrested culprits wey currently dey for police custody face prosecution.

E also ask di investigating team to ensure say dem arrest di suspect wey dey on di run and make am face di full wrath of di law.

Wetin Nigerian law tok about assaulting police officer?

E dey against di law to assault police officer.

According to di tok-tok pesin for di Nigeria Police Force Muyiwa Adejobi, even if policeman on uniform slap civilian, di civilian no get right to retaliate.

E say na act of disrespect to Nigeria to beat officer on uniform, and im add say di disrespect no be to di policeman but to Nigeria and na crime wey dey inside Nigeria criminal code.

“So no be case of wetin di policeman do, wey lead to am, but di reaction of di civilians wey actually assault di police,” Adejobi tweet recently.

According to di Lagos State Police Command tok-tok pesin, Benjamin Hundeyin, e say section 356 of di criminal code describe assault against police as serious assault wey di penalty na three years imprisonment.

Section 356 (2) of di criminal code tok say: “assaults, resists, or wilfully obstruct police officer wen im dey execute im duty, or any pesin wey dey act in aid of police officer while so acting.”

Ogbonge lawyer and Senior Advocate of Nigeria Femi Falana for one statement wey im release also advise civilians against assaulting police officer sake of say na disrespect to di nation and e dey inside criminal laws.

Falana also note say na three years imprisonment dey wait for anybodi wey dem find guilty say im assault police officer.

Di lawyer, however, tok say police officers dey equally mandated to respect civilians.

Im say citizens fundamental right to dignity dey protected by section 34 of di Nigerian Constitution.Falana say under di Anti-Torture Act of 2017, di penalty for assaulting civilians na 25 years imprisonment.