Kizz Daniel ‘arrest’ video in Tanzania: Nigeria goment official confam say dem don release di award winning musician

Tanzania authorities don release popular Nigerian musician Kizz Daniel wey dem bin detain for Oyster Bay Police Station Civil Police for Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.

Chairman, Nigerians in Diaspora Commission, Abike Dabiri-Erewa announce am on top her Twitter handle.

She say di ‘Buga’ crooner go return to Nigeria anytime soon but im lawyers go show for station for Tanzania tomorrow, Tuesday, 9th August.

Dis dey com afta tori break say authorities detain di popular musician for Tanzania.

Di commission inside statement on top dia Twitter handle bin say Kizz Daniel currently dey for Oyster Bay Police Station Civil Police for Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, wia dem hold am put.

E say dem dey engage di mission to see wetin dem fit do.

Tori of di alleged arrest of di Buga crooner bin go viral afta one video show as police escort one pesin wey wear hooded jacket enta dia motor.

Kizz Daniel bin dey scheduled to perform for di Warehouse, Old Nextdoor Arena for Tanzania, on Sunday night, as part of im Afro Classic World Tour.

E even post di schedule for di concert for im Instagram page. He write “TANZANIA, Aug 7th, See you soon.”

But video wey trend for social media show how fans dey para on top im failure to appear for di for di show afta dem don pay.

Organisers of di show, Big Step for inside statement dem put for dia Instagram handle say dem don pay Kizz Daniel full money to perform for di concert wey suppose hold on Sunday, 7 August but e no show up as planned.

Di Public Relations organization BHQ Media wey dey manage Kizz Daniel tell BBC Pidgin say dem dey work wit Tanzanian authorities and di show promoters on how to solve di problem and dem go update di public very soon.

“We dey aware of di current circumstances surrounding di severity of wetin happun for di scheduled Kizz Daniel concert on di 7 August 2022 for Tanzania. Our team dey work diligently wit di Tanzanian authorities and di show promoters to find di best possible solution. We go share update in due course.” Dem tok.

Dem tok sorry to pipo di mata affect and say dem go deal wit di mata.

Meanwhile, back for im home kontri Nigeria, police recently invite Kizz Daniel come dia office for questioning.

Tok-tok pesin, Benjamin Hundeyin say di police dey invite Kizz Daniel to di station to ansa questions concerning claim say di artist seize one laundry bus.

According to di allegation, Kizz Daniel seize di bus wey dey deliver laundry to am ontop say di laundry wey di bus deliver damage.

Kizz Daniel lawyer confam give police say di singer go honour di invitation tomorrow, 9 Tuesday, 2022.

Who be Kizz Daniel?

Kizz Daniel na popular Nigerian musician wey dem born for Abeokuta, Ogun state for May 1, 1994.

Na 2014 di singer Kizz release im debut single, Shoye, G-Worldwide Entertainment label.

Some of im hit songs na ‘Woju’, ‘Yeba’ and ‘Buga’.

For 2017, afta di wahala wey im bin get wit im den record label G-Worldwide Entertainment afta dem carry am go court on top songs wey im wan release without di company approval, e change im name from ‘Kiss Daniels’ to Kizz Daniel.