2021 Global Peace Index: Ghana, Mauritius top peaceful kontri list in Africa, Nigeria low

2021 Global Peace Index: Ghana, Mauritius top peaceful kontri list in Africa, Nigeria low


Mauritius don emerge as di most peaceful kontri for Africa, followed by Ghana, according to di 2021 global peace index.

Afta Ghana occupy di second position, Bostawana, Sierra Leone and The Gambia make up di top five African kontris for di index.

But di sub-sahara African kontri Mauritius occupy number 28 position for di world ranking.

Di last six kontris for sub-sahara Africa

Na Nigeria lead di last six kontris for di ranking of di most peaceful kontris for sub-sahara Africa and number 148 in di world – out of 163 kontris.

For Sub-sahara Africa ranking Nigeria occupy di number 39 position out of 44.

Oda kontris for di last six na Mali, Central African Republic, Democratic Republic of Congo, Somalia and South Sudan.

“Of di 44 kontris for di region, 21 improve, 22 reduce for di score and one no change.

“Di region dey less peaceful dan di global average on di Safety and Security and Ongoing Conflict places,” GPI tok.

How Mauritius emerge number one

According to GPI wetin make Mauritius rank number one na di rate of safety and stability of di kontri.

Dem also query how di kontri handle di protest by thousands pipo sake of how goment handle di ogbonge oil spill wey happun for August 2020.

“Di most peaceful kontri for di region na Mauritius, wey dey ranked 28th on di 2021 GPI. Di kontri only record small deterioration.

“Di biggest change occur on Safety and Security domain, most notably on di homicide rate indicator,” dem add.

European kontri, Iceland na di most peaceful kontri in di world and di least na Afghanistan wey dey number 163.

New Zealand, Denmark, Portugal and Slovenia na dem make di top five most peaceful kontris in di workd for 2021.

Facts about Mauritius

Mauritius na small Island kontri wey dey for Africa – di kontri dey on top di Indian ocean.

Some oda tins to know about di kontri na say;

  • Di capital of Mauritius na Port Louise and dia official language na French and English.
  • Na three kontris colonize Mauritius; di Dutch, France and Britain.
  • Mauritius na di kontri wit di least population for Africa wit less dan two million pipo.
  • Among all developing kontris for di world, Mauritius get di highest life expectancy of 73 years – pipo no dey die early for di kontri.
  • Mauritius no get standing army.
  • Wetin dey generate money for di kontri pass na tourism and sugarcane.

Wetin be GPI?

GPI na Global Peace Index wey dey come up wit ranking of how kontris for di world dey perform every year.

Dia major factor for ranking how peaceful a kontri dey na through research of how those kontris dey manage dia security situation.

Na di Institute for Economics and Peace (IEP) one independent, non-partisan, non-profit organization dey carry out di research.

Why Ghana dey stand out for peace since 2020 – Analysis

Ghana do well in de peace rankings sake of de country show say e get politically stability.

In December 2020 when Ghana hold general elections, disputes around de elections result in demonstrations den tensions.

But political parties instead of using violent demonstrations carry de election dispute go court where Supreme Court resolve de matter.

Dis be one of de key elements which make de country stand out in peace rankings.

Also, de country no sheda get major internal challenges like conflicts, terrorism den voilent demonstrations which dey create insecurity in de country.

De 2021 Global Index report rank 163 independent states and territories based on dema level of peacefulness.