Covid-19: WHO beg Tanzania to start to dey report cases

One worker dey check di temperature of travellers for di border post with Kenya for Namanga, northern Tanzania, on March 16, 2020, on di day Tanzania confam im first case of Covid-19.

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WHO ask Tanzania to take “ogbonge action” afta pipo travel from di kontri test positive for Covid-19

Di World Health Organization dey beg Tanzania to start to dey report coronavirus cases and share data.

Tanzania na one of di few kontries for di world wey no dey publish data on Covid-19 cases.

Na for for May dem publish last, wen dem record about 500 cases and 20 deaths. Di next month, President John Magufuli declare Tanzania “coronavirus-free”.

But concern dey ground say e possible say dem dey ‘hide’ di epidemic.

WHO beg dey come after some goment officials die.

Vice-president of Tanzania semi-autonomous island of Zanzibar, Seif Sharif Hamad, die on Wednesday afta im party say e catch Covid-19.

Na im be di most prominent politician for Tanzania wey openly declare say e get di virus.

Di head of di civil service, John Kijazi, also die on Wednesday but dem no give reason for im death.

World Health Organization Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus tok for statement say: “We extend our condolences to our Tanzanian sisters and brothers on di recent passing of a senior Tanzanian leader as well as di goment chief secretary.”

E come go on to tell Tanzania to start to dey report Covid-19 cases and share dia data.

While e dey difficult to know how far coronavirus don spread for Tanzania without dis data, e say, Tanzanians wey dey travel outside di kontri don test positive for coronavirus.

“Dis wan show di need for Tanzania to take ogbonge action both to safeguard dia own pipo and protect populations for dis kontries and beyond,” e tok.

President Magufuli bin don play down di virus and refuse to take measures to stop di spread. Di health minister tok earlier dis month say Tanzania no get plans to vaccinate.

However, on Friday, while e dey give speech for Mr Kijazi burial, Mr Magafuli somehow admit say di virus dey circulate forTanzania.

E say Tanzania don defeat Covid-19 last year and go win again dis year.

Den on Sunday Mr Magufuli encourage pipo to wear masks to avoid infection.

But e ask pipo to use locally-made masks, say without evidence some of di imported ones no dey safe.