Korra Obidi: Justin Dean respond to accuse say e ‘steal’ di dancer $5,000

Di separation of popular Nigerian dancer Korra Obidi and her former partner dey make headlines again months afta tori say dem dey divorce hit internet.

Dis time, Korra Obidi come out to accuse her former partner Dean say e “tiff” money wey she mistakenly transfer put for dia joint account.

Inside live video she do for her Facebook page, Obidi say she no fit quiet ontop di mata again as e no dey help her.

“Justin enta di account wey I mistakenly send $5,000 enta, for rent and oda tins, I send am from my PayPal, I no know say di account wey dey linked to am na still di joint account. E empty di account, and e don tiff from me, dis na daylight robbery. we don separate and e don tiff from me and my girls.

I message am say, abeg return di money wey you tiff from me and my girls and e come dey try to accuse me say I steal im gold or whatever, I no know wetin e dey tok about, nut e just steal $5,000 from me and my girls, we get lawyer fees, we get rent to pay, at dis point e want make we dey homeless.” Na so Obidi tok for di live she do.

She go on to accuse am say e no dey give anytin for di upkeep of di girls too, Obidi add as she dey cry for di live. say Dean dey take advantage of her silence ontop dia divorce mata.

Justin Dean respond to Korra accusation

Meanwhile Dean don respond to di accusation.

Inside Live wey e also do for Facebook e say na mistake and e don return di money.

“Dem don level accusation against me. I transfer money, na accident. I no expect say anybody go transfer money enta di joint account, I dey pay bills, I be busy pesin, na correct mistake and I give am back. Na accident, correct one, I return am. Di fact say dis na public knowledge no make sense.” Dean tok for di live.

Dean also add say im no wan participate for di negativity wey surround im divorce tori anymore for di live.

Ontop accuse say e no dey drop money for di kids, e say issue arround child support go dey decided by di court for August.

All dis dey come about two months afta di two celebrity inter-racial couple separation tori make headlines.

Na one week, afta di birth of dia second pikin, Athena, for March 2022, na im Justin Dean, enta social media to announce di end of im marriage.

Di two get two daughters June and Athena togeda.

Dean bin reveal say e dey for di process to file for divorce afta four years of marriage.

E accuse Korra Obidi say she dey nonchalant of dia relationship.

And also refuse pipo thought say di reason for her “behaviour” na post partum depression.

So far e don delete most of dia videos togeda for im page, including di one of di home birth for im daughter Athena.

Afta period of silence, Korra Obidi bin come out come tok about di state of tins for her marriage.

For video wey she post for Facebook, she say “You fit see me, looking strong dancing, and because I dey try hold tins togeda. I wan dey strong for my girls”

She add say dance na di way wey she dey take cope.

Di celebrity dancer tell her fans for di video say she bin no wan come out to tok on top say di internet no dey ever forget.

Even as she add say, “I wan apologize to my fans wey come my page see perfect marriage, and now tins dey fall apart”.

“I dey sorry to all my queens wey dey look up to my marriage, say I wan get dat some day, say I don scata di illusion of perfect marriage,. Na just content creator I be.”

For di post wey her husband, Justin, bin put and on social media wey im don since delete, e tok say: “@korraobidi and I dey divorce. It’s over! Pesin no go treat me like dis again. I bin do my absolute best to make am work”.

Di couple bin marry for December 2017 and don get two pikin dem June and Athena.

On her part, Korra say: “I don dey see una comments and I just wan say I no go come here and tok bad about my husband because I no say e go dey damaging to my family and I no go do dat.”