Sunday Igboho house attacked: ‘Yoruba nation’ activist Sunday Adeyemo stockpile arms – DSS

Yoruba nation activist Sunday Igboho dey advised to surrender imsef to DSS [Nigeria secret police].

DSS announce on Thursday night wen di secret service confirm say na dem storm and raid Sunday Igboho house for Ibadan, southwest Nigeria.

Igboho wey real name na Sunday Adeyemo dey stockpile arms. Na so DSS tok-tok pesin Peter Afunanya declare for Abuja.

Afunanya explain say one joint operations for Sunday Igboho domot result in di death of two of im guards.

While odas escape with gunshot wounds and 13 suspects wey include 12 males plus one female dey DSS custody. E tok.

DSS parade items wey dem say dem recover from di Sunday Igboho house during di raid earlier today.

Afunanya say Ak-47, Pump Action, Pistols, 5000 rounds of ammunitions dey among items dem recover from Igboho house.

"Sunday Igboho house latest news today": 'Yoruba nation' activist dey stockpile arms - DSS

Di Yoruba activist post fotos of bullets wey e claim say di attackers shoot during di Ibadan attack before e cancel di Lagos rally.

Sunday Igboho house Ibadan: How di attack happun?

Sunday Igboho tell BBC pidgin say di attack happun early mor-mor.

“I dey my house around 1:30am” I just hear gunshot for front of my house and shout say, we be DSS, we be soja, Sunday Igboho come out

I peep through my window, I see dem, dressed in DSS and Nigerian army uniform. I dey surprised say wetin be di problem, becos I no kill anybody, e tok.

Di activist say di tin come as surprise to am becos im activism na for di safety of im pipo and e dey violence free.

“Wetin I dey do na to fight for my pipo, my rally dey peaceful, I fight for my family becos bandits kill my family, rape dem.

“Goment refuse to do di right tin for my family dat na why I come out to fight for dem so I dey surprised.

“Dem kill two pipo during di shooting, dem destroy my property, my vehicles”, e tok.

Wen BBC visit di house afta di attack, blood dey for di entrance of di door wey lead to di main house and for some oda parts of di building.

Di unknown gunmen destroy im cars, some of di cars get bullet holes. Dem scata things for di house.

Bullets dey for ground, di pestle dem use break door to enta too dey ground.

Dis no be di first time, Sunday Igboho house dey come under attack.

Meanwhile BBC Pidgin call di Oyo state police command to confam di incident.

Di Commissioner of Police, Ngozi Onadeko say she no dey aware but go expect make di public relations officer brief her if such tin later.

Police warn against ‘Sunday Igboho’ ‘Yoruba nation’ Lagos rally

"Sunday Igboho house latest news today": 'Yoruba nation' activist dey stockpile arms - DSS

Yoruba nation rally for Osogbo Osun State

Meanwhile Yoruba activist Sunday Igboho don cancel im plan to do rally for Lagos on Saturday.

Lagos Police don also warn say dem no go allow any rally to happun.

Igboho wey real name be Sunday Adeyemo confirm di cancellation of di rally to BBC Pidgin

E claim say two pipo die wen men in military uniform attack im house for Ibadan, Oyo state

Dat na di reason for di cancellation.

No rally under whatever guise go happun for Lagos, Police tok on Thursday.