Kagara abduction update [#N800m]: Nigeria govt no go consider ransom payment for Kagara kidnap victims – Lai Mohammed

Lai Mohammed

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Di Nigerian minister of information and culture Lai Mohammed don rule out payment of ransom money as one of di ways wey dem go take rescue victims of di Kagara kidnap.

Oga Mohammed bin dey follow Channels TV tok on Saturday morning when e reply “No” to di kweshion of weda di federal goment go consider to pay to free di 27 pipo wey jaguda pipo kindap for Government Science College, Kagara wey dey Niger state.

Dis dey come after local media reports bin allege say di goment arrange N800m ($2.1m) give di Kagara kidnappers in order to secure release of di victims.

”Conspiracy theory”

Some of di release wey don happen for di kontri in di past, no involve money, according to di federal minister.

Oga Mohammed on di television program beat chest say goment no pay any “penny for di release of di Kankara boys and no pay for di Dapchi girls… all na conspiracy theory”.

On di mata of how di goment come place to rescue di abductees, Mohammed say: “I fit tell you as of today, di goment dey ontop di mata…. di strategy no be subject mata for discussion ontop television.

“You no fit throw away invitation [by criminals] to treat or to follow dem do tok-tok but di overall strategy, you keep to your chest,” di minister bin tok.

Niger State goment also deny say dis payment happen

Secretary to di Niger state government, Alhaji Ibrahim Matane call wetin dey happen for social media as “mere speculation” because di federal goment no fit pay dat kain money to bandits but say dem still dey discuss wit di bandits to release di victims without injury.”We no fit rush dem even if we get time and we no fit give dem order. I believe dem dey take dia time, but at di right time, when we get fresh information, di public go know,” Matane bin tell BBC Pidgin.

No Update – Sheik Gumi

Di Kaduna based Islamic cleric Sheik Gumi wey dey lead negotiation for di release of di Kagara students, say no update dey.

Sheik Gumi also deny say N800m payment happen, and e call di social media rumours say e happen, “rubbish”.

“As at now no any update but we still dey wait, you know say dem no gree for communication to dey take place between us, dem only assure us say make we wait small di release go happun, so we dey wait.”

President Muhammadu Buhari don already give order say make security chiefs do every every to ensure dem return those wey dem abduct.