Muhammadu Buhari: Nigerians react to Buhari ‘rude shock’ warning on rising violence for southeast

Muhammadu Buhari warning on Tuesday to those wey wan destroy di kontri and burn down national asset dey generate reactions.

Di Nigerians leader wey bin dey reply di rising violence for southeast say “rude shock dey wait dem [di troublemakers], very soon.”

President Buhari warning land afta im receive briefing from chairman of di Independent National Electoral Commission [INEC]

Di INEC boss, Prof Mahmood Yakubu, go report di series of attacks on facilities of di electoral body across di kontri.

But di president strong warning don dey make many Nigerians to begin react for social media.

How Nigerians react to Buhari ‘rude shock’ warning

Some pipo dey hail Buhari statement say na im duty as president to maintain law and order for di kontri.

Dem add say no bodi gatz teach am how to do im job.

At di same time, many pipo wey react for social media no happy wit di language oga Buhari use.

Odas para for am say instead of am to dialogue wit di aggrieved Nigerians to find lasting solution to di mata, e dey issue threat.

Wetin dey happun for southeast

On Monday di streets of towns across di southeast region of Nigeria bin dey quiet and businesses shutdown.

Dis na after di banned separatist group Indigenous People of Biafra [IPOB] order pipo to stay at home.

Di sit-at-home order na to observe remembrance for those wey die during di Nigerian civil war.

In recent times police don blame most attacks di security outfit wey IPOB leader Nnamdi Kanu set up.

Kanu bin launch di Eastern Security Network [ESN] to protect di mainly Igbo speaking southeast from killer herders.

Di office of di president alias presidency statement on Monday say dem don record up to 42 attacks on INEC offices.

Dis attacks on di Independent National Electoral Commission happun in recent months across 14 states.

Nigeria rising violenceup north and oda parts

Security situation don pass be careful for di last few years wit kidnapping for ransom dey grow to different dimension.

Most schools both secondary and tertiary institution don become serious target for Nigeria.

And recently, attacks on both INEC and Police stations don too much.

Na sake of dis presido dey scream say di insecurity mata for Nigeria don become topic across di world.

All di pipo wey want power, whoever dem be, e no clear wetin dem want. Buhari tok.

Di 78-year-old leader say anybody wey wan destroy di system go soon get di shock of dia lives.

“We don give dem enough time.” Buhari tok

President Buhari recall say im bin visit all di 36 states of di kontri before di 2019 election.

“And majority of di pipo believe me, and di election prove am.”

Di Katsina born president promise to continue leading Nigeria in line wit wetin di 1999 law book [constitution] tok.