Daniel Lewis Lee: US federal execution for man wey torture and kill one family for 1986

Daniel Lewis Lee


US killer Daniel Lewis Lee don die from di first federal execution for United States for more than 17 years.

Dis na hours afta di Supreme Court decide say e fit happun.

Condemned prisoners bin don argue say lethal injections (wey fit kill pesin) na “wicked punishment wey no dey normal”.

But di Supreme Court vote 5-4 say di “executions fit happun as per original plan”.

Lee and im partner-in-crime collect conviction say dem kill three pipo from di same family for 1996.

Some of di victims relatives bin no gree with plan to execute am and even try go court to delay am, because dem no want catch coronavirus if dem attend di execution.

Earlene Peterson, 81, wey her daughter, granddaughter and son-in-law die for di hand of Lee, say she instead want make dem give Lee life sentence – di same one wey im partner-in-crime collect.

“Yes, Daniel Lee damage my life, but I no believe say if e die e go change wetin don happun to me,” Madam Peterson bin tok for video statement last year.

But dis new ruling mean say Lee go die by lethal injection, afta di appeal court overturn di decision by one lower court to march brake ontop di Lee execution.

Who be Daniel Lewis Lee?

Dem born am 31 January, 1973 for Yukon, Oklahoma, United States

From court documents, im legal name na Daniel Lewis Graham

Im bin declare imsef as white supremacist (those wey believe say white pipo better pass pipo from oda race)

Wetin happun to di victims

Di Muellers na family wey dey live for Arkansas and William Frederick Mueller (di man) work na to sell guns.

Lee and im partner Chevie O’Brien Kehoe bin go di house of Mueller family to thief guns from dem.

Lee torture and kill di family of three (man, wife and dia pikin) and throw dia body inside lake afta e tie big stones to make dem drown.

Oda executions to come

  • Wesley Ira Purkey, wey dem sentence in 2003 for di rape and killing of one 16-year-old girl afta he cut her body, burn am come throw her inside soakaway. Im execution go happun on Wednesday
  • Dustin Lee Honken, wey dem sentence in 2004 say im shoot dead five pipo including two girls aged six and 10. Im execution go happun on Friday
  • Keith Dwayne Nelson, wey dem sentence in 2001 for di rape and murder of 10-year-old girl behind one church. Im execution go happun next month