Russia and Ukraine: Between Russia and Ukraine Who has the most powerful army? See here

Vladimir Putin Russia and Ukraine: Between Russia and Ukraine Who has the most powerful army? See here

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Russia launch a major military assault against Ukraine early Thursday 24 February, 2022.

Moscow launch di invasion despising international beg-beg for peace and di threat of severe punishment from di West.

Explosions na im pipo don dey hear across Ukraine, from di capital Kyiv to Kramatorsk and Mariuopol, close to di front-line with Russian-backed separatists or di Donbas.

Heavy rocket and artillery fire don dey along di frontier.

Ukraine’s border guards say dem dey also face attack from occupied Crimea and from Belarus to di north.

Russia defence ministry say dem no dey target Ukrainian cities.

President Vladimir Putin order di invasion inside a televised speech at 05:55 Moscow time (02:55 GMT).

Putin say Moscow response go be “instant” if anyone try to take on Russia.

Ukraine’s foreign minister don accuse Russia of starting a full-scale war.

Dmytro Kuleba want di UN “to do everything possible” to stop wetin dey happun.

For inside Ukraine pipo don start to dey enta metro stations to hide from explosions around dem.

Tori be say some pipo for di Eastern Europe kotri don dey go di border with Romania and Moldova.

But one Ukrainian official Serhiy Nykyforov don ask pipo to stay strong.

As di conflict dey become urgly, one kwesion wey fit dey your mind na;

Between Russia and Ukraine Who has the most powerful army?

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How many Russian soldiers troops dey in and around Ukraine?

E dey estimated say di number of Russian troops in and around Ukraine fit be between 100,000 and 190,000 in recent weeks.

Last Friday, United States say Russia don send between 169,000 and 190,000 troops to and from Ukraine.

Michael Carpenter, di US ambassador to Organization for Security and Cooperation inside European Union (OSCE), tok say:

“Dis number includes troops close to di border with Ukraine, Belarus, and di occupied Crimea.

Meanwhile, British Defense Secretary Ben Wallace say 60 percent of di Russian Army troops dey near di Russian-Belarusian border.

On di oda hand, di Minister of Defense of Ukraine don issue dis number as 149,000.

Russia neva really clearly tok peem about all of this.

Russia’s Deputy Ambassador to United States Dmitry Polansky say – “All of dis na di imagination of our Western counterparts.”

Vladimir Putin Russia and Ukraine: Between Russia and Ukraine Who has the most powerful army? See here


Last week, Russia’s defense ministry say some troops for di southern and western districts don complete dia training and dey return to dia permanent camps.

But NATO defense force say dem neva see any evidence of dis on ground.

NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg den say;

“On di contrary, e be like say Russia dey step up dia military plans.”

Western officials wey tok on condition of not identifying demsef yan say from di intelligence dem dey now receive, e be like say Russian troops don reach area wia Ukraine fit dey attacked.

Dem say two-thirds of di army dey within 50 kilometers of di border.

Satellite fotos also shows say some Russian troops dey divided into smaller groups near di Ukrainian border.

But many experts believe say Russia go get to recruit more troops than dem dey do now.

Di experts add say na in order to completely invade Ukraine, in order to capture di whole country or part of it.

Ukraine military strenght and NATO support

Jeshi la Ukraine ni dogo zaidi kuliko lile la Urusi, lakini linapata usaidizi kutoka kwa Jumuiya ya Kujihami ya Nchi za Magharibi NATO.

Marekani haijatuma wanajeshi wowote nchini Ukraine lakini imetuma wanajeshi 3,000 zaidi nchini Poland na Romania ili kuimarisha vikosi vya NATO, na imewaweka wanajeshi wengine 8,500 katika hali ya tahadhari.

Vladimir Putin Russia and Ukraine: Between Russia and Ukraine Who has the most powerful army? See here


Marekani pia imetuma silaha zenye thamani ya dola milioni 200, ikiwa ni pamoja na kombora la kushambulia vifaru la Javelin na kombora la kudungua ndege la Stinger. Pia imeruhusu nchi wanachama wa NATO kukabidhi silaha zilizotengenezwa Marekani kwa Ukraine.

Uingereza imepeleka makombora 2,000 ya kushambulia vifaru ya masafa mafupi nchini Ukraine, imetuma wanajeshi 350 zaidi nchini Poland, na kuongeza mara mbili uwezo wake wa kijeshi kwa kutuma wanajeshi 900 zaidi nchini Estonia.

Uingereza imetuma ndege zaidi za kivita kusini mwa Ulaya na meli ya wanamaji pamoja na wanajeshi wengine wa NATO kupiga doria bahari ya Mediterania.

Pia imewatahadharisha wanajeshi wake 1,000 ili iwapo kutatokea shambulio, wasaidie wakati wa mzozo wa kibinadamu nchini Ukraine.

Denmark, Uhispania, Ufaransa na Uholanzi pia zimetuma wanajeshi na meli zao Ulaya Mashariki na mashariki mwa Mediterania.

Na kwa upande mwingine, Ufaransa pia inapanga kuliongoza jeshi la Nato nchini Romania na kutuma wanajeshi wake huko, lakini Nato inasema kuwa itachukua wiki kadhaa kukamilisha mpango wake wote.

NATO ilifanya nini kwa Ukraine hapo awali?

Di Ukrainian army dey smaller than di Russian army, but e receive support from di Western Defense Force NATO.

Di United States neva send any troops to Ukraine but don send 3,000 more troops to Poland and Romania to strengthen NATO forces.

And Ukraine don place another 8,500 troops on alert.

United States don also send $ 200 million worth of weapons, including a Javelin tank cannon and a Stinger shotgun.

E don also allow NATO member states to hand over US-made weapons to Ukraine.

Britain don deploy 2,000 short-range missile launchers inside Ukraine.

Dem send 350 more troops to Poland, and doubled dia military strenght by sending 900 more troops to Estonia.

Britain don also send more warplanes to southern Europe and naval vessels along with oda NATO troops to patrol the Mediterranean Sea.

E don also warn 1,000 of dia soldiers say in di event of an attack, dem go dey able to assist dem during di Ukraine humanitarian crisis.

Denmark, Spain, France and the Netherlands don also sent troops and dia ships to Eastern Europe and di eastern Mediterranean.

France, meanwhile, dey plan to send a Nato force to Romania and send troops dia, but Nato say e go take several weeks to complete dia plan.