French election results: Wetin just happen for France shock parliamentary poll?

France dey face political deadlock afta parliamentary elections give big blow to di far-right National Rally – but no give any party majority.

National Rally dey third place, behind di left-wing alliance and President Emmanuel Macron centrists.

More dan 200 candidates wey see themselves as part of a “republican front”, bin pull out of di second round so dat a better-placed rival fit stop RN from winning.

Reports say di turnout, at 66.63%, na di highest in a parliamentary second round since 1997.

Although Macron must work with parliament, dis election no directly affect im job – e get three years left of im presidential term

But for di 577-seat French assembly, e look like say di left wing coalition dey expected to get 182 seats, with Macron Ensemble alliance taking 168 and di far-right National Rally and im allies taking 143.

Meanwhile, France prime minister go resign. Last night, Gabriel Attal announce say e go stand down from im job today afta Macron alliance lose im majority. Attal no go quit immediately, e say e go stay on “as long as my duty requires”.

Breakdown of results


How we reach here

Last month, President Macron dissolve parliament and call for a snap election just one hour afta im centrist Together alliance dey beaten by di National Rally (RN) for European Parliament elections.

At dat time, Macron tell voters: “I don hear your message. And I no go let am go without a response.

“France need a clear majority in serenity and harmony,”

After im success for di European Parliament election, di far-right National Rally bin dey expected to win France snap election, dem do well inside many opinion polls – but e look like say dem don beat dem into third place.

Na di New Popular Front, one left-wing coalition, dey on course for victory afta a highly charged and abbreviated election wey Macron caqll for jusr four weeks ago.

Now e look like say France dey head for a hung parliament with no party having anything like a majority.

None of di three blocs fit form outright majority by themselves of 289 seats for di 577-seat parliament.

Dis parliamentary elections no affect Macron own job, as dem dey separate from di presidential elections and im term as president still dey run for three more years.

All eyes now dey on di president, wey go need to navigate a way out of dis deadlock.

Di new National Assembly dey due to meet in 10 days’ time, but di Paris Olympics dey start on 26 July and France no need gbege..