Why Police arrest Labour Party Chairman Julius Abure

Police for Edo state, South-South Nigeria don arrest di chairman of Labour Party, Dr Julius Abure.

Police arrest am for Benin City, di Edo state capital on Wednesday.

Photos and videos wey don go viral show how Police carry Abure put inside one car wit officers inside.

Local media report say tok-tok persin for Nigeria Police Force Zone 5, Tijani Momoh, confam im arrest.

E neva clear why police arrest am as neither police, di Labour party nor Abure team don tok anything about di arrest.

But reports from local media tok say di arrest of di labour party national chairman na on top allegations of attempted murder plus oda charges.

National tok-tok pesin for Labour Party Obiora Ifoh don also confam di arrest of Abure for statement.

E tok say dem also arrest di Edo State chairman of di party, Kelly Ogbaloi.

Im say di Labour Party on Tuesday bin get very successful delegate election for Benin ahead of di Party Primaries wey go happun on Friday.

Ifoh allege say di arrest of di party officials na in connection to one protest letter wey one of di expelled member of di party loyal to Lamidi Apapa camp write.

Im allege say di arrest na to frustrate di primary process and possibly interrupt di party participation for di govnorship election.