How South Korea beat Nigeria comot Fifa Under-20 World Cup

Nigeria Under-20 players

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Nigeria Under-20 team, di Flying Eagles don comot from di ongoing Fifa World Cup as South Korea beat dem 1-0 for di quarter final fixture afta extra-time.

Di Taegeuk warriors score for di 95th minute through Choi Seok-Hyun header to send di West African team out of di World Cup.

Afta dia shock defeat of hosts Argentina for di round of 16, di Flying Eagles fail to progress to di semi final yet again, as dem crash out for di same stage like dem do for 2007.

Dis na di fourth time wey Nigeria go crash out for di quarter finals in history. E happun before for 1999, 2007 and 2011.

Whereas for South Korea, dem go hope to surpas dia 2019 record wia dem finish as runners-up.

Before dem fit do dat one, di Taeguk Warriors go first need beat dia next opponent, Italy.

Di two teams go meet on Thursday 8 June, 2023 for di semi-finals.

Minute by minute highlight of how di match go

Second half extra-time

South Korea celebrate

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South Korea players celebrate dia progress to di semi final

120+2 – Match don end afta Extra-Time. South Korea don knock Nigeria out of di Fifa Under-20 World Cup. E finish, South Korea 1-0 Nigeria.

119’ Daniel Dada fire di ball from outside di box but South Korea defender block am.

118’ Substitution for South Korea, Young-Kwang Cho don enta for Ji-Han Lee.

113’Young-Jun Lee bring down im opponent and referee stop di game.

111’ Nigeria dey pass di ball among diasef to try open South Korea defence.

108’ Young-Jun Lee of South Korea collect Yellow card afta im bring down im opponent. E no hard for Jose Sanchez to bring out card.

106’ Ibrahim Lawal of Nigeria don collect Yellow card.

106’ Second Half of Extra-time don start

105’ First Half of Extra- time don end.

103’ Benjamin Fredrick of Nigeria produce one dangerous cross into di box but South Korea block am.

100’ Substitution! Sunday Jude don comot Ibrahim Abdullahi enta.

100’ Nigeria coach Ladan Bosso make changes, Samson Lawal don enta for Tochukwu Nnadi.

95’ South Korea 1-0 Nigeria

95’ Goal! Seung-Won Lee takeover corner duties. Choi Seok-Hyun of South Korea head di ball from di corner , im put am for di right side of di net.

95’ South Korea dey slow down di tempo of di ball with one-touch passes.

91’Hyun-Bin Park of South Korea send cross into di box but di opposition defence block di ball.

91’ First Half of Extra-time don start

Second Half

Break Time! Game go continue soon with 30 minutes Extra- time of 15 minutes for each half. Winner must dey for dis match!

Full-Time South Korea 0-0 Nigeria

90+ 6 Referee Jose Sanchez blow whistle to signify end of second half.

90+2 Beta movement by Nigeria, di players dey hold possession as dem sey mostly exchange one-touches passes.

Dem dey control di game now.

90+1 Five minutes stoppage-time.

86’ One short pass meet John Joshua of Nigeria for space near di edge of di box, im decide di shoot di ball into di net but e fly pass di left post.

85’ Tochukwu Nnadi commit foul against South Korea.

81’ Hyun-Bin Park of South Korea shoot di ball into di penalty area, but one of Nigeria defenders kick am comot.

74’ Substitution for South Korea, Seo-Joon Bae don comot Ye-Hoon Choi replace am.

74’ Ji-Soo Kim don play finish as In-Taek Hwang replace am.

74’ Substitution for Nigeria John Joshua don enta for Victor Eluwa Eletu.

70’Seung-Won Lee of South Korea don collect Yellow card.

67’ South Korea coach Eun-Jung don make changes, Yong-Hak Kim don comot Ji-Han Lee don replace am.

66’ Nigeria get chance to score from corner kick but South Korea defender clear di ball.

62’ Sunstitition: Nigerian coach Ladan Bosso don make changes Lawal Salem Fago don comot Ume Emmanuel replace am.

Kehinde Ibrahim of Nigeria don enta for Ibrahim Mohammed.

60’ Young -Jun Lee of South Korea play one beta pass to di edge of di box but di ball go few inches above di top.

59’ Ball possession now na South Korea 37-63 for Nigeria.

57’ Chan-Wook Lee of South Korea bring down im opponent referee blow whistle for foul.

56’ Nigeria slow di tempo of di game as dem dey exchange short-short passes.

51’ Daniel Bamayi of Nigeria play one beta mid-range volley to di middle of goal but South Korea goalkeeper save di ball.

46’ Substitution Seong-Jin Kang don comot Joon-Hoo Bae replace am.

46’ Referee Jose Sanchez blow whistle. Second half don start.

First Half


South Korea 0-0 Nigeria

45+3’ Referee Jose Sanchez blow whistle to end di first 45 minutes

45+1 Two minutes added time.

44’ Victor Eluwa of Nigeria snatch ball from im opponent leg but referee Jose Sanchez blow fowl wey make Victor para.

43’ Miss! Daniel Bamayi of Nigeria dey beta position afta im collect pass from di edge of di box, but im attempt go over di bar!

40’ Nigeria don dey show beta team work as dem dey exchange short short passes, dem dey use am buy time to try open South Korea defence.

39’ Nigeria fail to take advantage of di corner kick as South Korean defence clear di ball from danger.

36’ Chan-Wook Lee of South Korea fowl im opponent, Jose Sanchez blow whistle.

32’ South Korea don begin gain ball possession back as dem dey exchange one-two touches. Na dem dey control di pace of di ball now.

31’ South Korea defender block beta corner kick from Nigeria.

29’ Yong-Hak Kim of South Koreamake one strong challenge referee Jose Sanchez blow foul.

27’ Beta cross from Nigeria from corner kick but di shot too much as di ball go out of play.

25’ Lawal Salem Fago of Nigeria play one beta cross into di box but opponents clear am.

24’ Abel Ogwuche of Nigeria commit foul afta e bring down im opponent wit side tackle.

19’ Ibrahim Muhammad of Nigeria bring down im opponent referee Jose Sanchez blow whistle for foul.

18’Yong -Hak Kim of South Korea send one cross inside di box but Nigeria defence clear di ball.

17’ Nigeria dey hold di ball well well as ball possession na South Korean 26-74 for Nigeria.

14’Nigeria slow di tempo of di game as dem dey exchange one-two touches. South Korean players Dey find am hard to run without ball for dia leg.

9’ Nigeria no take advantage of corner kick as South Korean defender kick di ball comot.

4’ Tochukwu Nnadi of Nigeria try to send one cross to im teammates but Douth Korea defender clear di danger.

1’ match don start.