American state ban Bible for schools say e get ‘violence and vulgar language’ inside


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One school district for di US state for Utah don comot di Bible from elementary and middle schools say e get “vulgarity and violence”.

Dis dey come afta one parent complain say di King James Bible tok tins wey pikin dem no suppose hear.

Utah Republican goment pass law for 2022 wey ban “pornographic or indecent” books from schools.

Most of di books wey don dey banned so far na ones wey tok about matter of sexual orientation and identity.

Dis ban of Bible na part of di bigger effort by US conservatives for states to ban teachings on topics like LGBT rights and racial identity.

Bans for some books wey pipo see as offensive dey also happun for Texas, Florida, Missouri and South Carolina.

Some liberal states too don also ban books for schools and libraries on top say e get racially offensive content.

Dis Utah decision bin dey made dis week by di Davis School District afta dem file di complaint for December 2022.

Officials say dem don already comot di seven or eight copies of di bible wey dem bin get say di book no even be part of students curriculum.

Di committee explain why or which passages dem bin see wey get “vulgarity or violence”.

According to di Salt Lake Tribune newspaper, di parent wey bin complain say di King James Bible “no get serious values for pikin because e dey pornographic according to di new definition”, wey mean di new 2022 book ban.

Di Utah state lawmaker wey write di 2022 law bin tok before say di Bible removal request na “mockery”, but now dem don change mouth say e be “challenging read” for younger pikin dem.

Ken Ivory write for Facebook say, “normally, for America, di Bible dey best taught and understood for house, as family”.

Di district riling say no be like say di Bible go against di 2022 law o, e just get “vulgarity or violence wey no dey suitable for younger students”. Di Bible still dey gidigba for local high schools.

One papa of a primary school student for di district, Bob Johnson tell CBS News say e no support di Bible removal.

E say, “I no fit tink of wetin dey di Bible wey you go need comot from dia. No be like say pictures dey inside.”

Di district no be di first for di US wey comot di Bible for im shelves.

Di Texas school district last year comot di Bible from dia library afta complain from pipo wey bin dey against di conservatives efforts to ban some books.

Last month, students for Kansas ask say make dem comot di Bible from dia school library.