Why Taliban officials must sack dia sons wey get goment jobs

Men show for one Taliban graduation

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Taliban watch newly recruited personnel during one February graduation ceremony

Di leader of the Taliban don order Afghan officials to sack dia relatives wey dem hire put for goment positions.

Hibatullah Akhundzada decree say make officials replace appointed sons or any oda family members – and make dem stop from hiring relatives for future.

Di Taliban bin sack some senior staff wen dem take over power for 2021, while odas run.

Accuse dey ground say staff wey no get experience dey employed based on dia personal connections.

Di Afghan Islamic Press, wey base for Peshawar, Pakistan, report say di decree follow allegations say several senior Taliban officials bin appoint dia sons to roles inside di goment.

Office of Administrative Affairs’ bin post one foto of di decree on dia Twitter page on Saturday.

Wetin dey happun for Afghanistan

Women dey protest for Kabul, Afghanistan

Di December 2022 ban on women attending university bin trigger protests

Afghanistan don face serious economic and humanitarian crisis since di Taliban enta Kabul and regain control of di kontri.

Foreign military forces bin dey di kontri for two decades, dey fight war wey kill tens of thousands pipo and displace millions more.

Since den, western kontris don put sanctions on members of di Taliban government, dem freeze dia assets for central bank for overseas assets, and dem suspend most foreign funding – as dem cut off an economic lifeline.

Afghanistan dey sit on natural resources – including natural gas, copper and rare earths – wey dem estimate worth more dan $1tn (£831.5bn), but those reserves still dey untapped sake of decades of turmoil for di kontri.

Di way di Taliban goment take dey treat women don make international community para and dis don lead to increase isolation wey make dia economy to collapse.

Education of women and girls na serious mata for di kontri. Currently dem don ban girls amd women from studying for secondary schools and for Universities for most part of Afghanistan.